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Student Sharing

Student Sharing

Vriko Yu

Vriko Yu

PhD student

The Faculty stresses on the wellbeing and overall development of its fellow students and is making every effort to help them thrive and fulfil their ambitions.


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 Alejandro Cobo Piekenbrock

Mr Alejandro Cobo Piekenbrock

2017 Master of Statistics


"The Master of Statistics of the University of Hong Kong enables students to acquire both a solid understanding of statistical theory and extensive knowledge about its state-of-the-art applications. Thanks to the variety of the courses offered in this programme, I could learn more about new areas in statistics, data analytics and risk management. What I liked most during my MStat studies was their friendly professors and staff who taught me very valuable lessons about statistics and life. Overall, the MStat programme is a truly enriching experience which will help students get one step closer to their career goals."

 Bovern Suchart Arromrak

Mr Bovern Suchart Arromrak

PhD student


'My research aims to understand how simple organisms like bacteria are able to survive in some of the most challenging environments, such as those with nutrient limitations or high salinity; and how these will then affect their interactions with other bacterial species or even large organisms such as oysters – the key is to be flexible!      

Among the many advantages that you could have for enrolling into HKU Science’s PhD programme, the most attractive one for me is that HKU offers us with plenty of academic and personal development opportunities, such as scholarships and funding for research, international-level seminars and dialogues, and even chances to go abroad to expand our research skills, knowledge and global networks.

Apart from that, you get to learn from the some of the best minds in the world here in HKU! The academics here (including my supervisor) are always encouraging and motivating their postgraduate students to strive to the top. They are truly supportive. For example recently, our lecturers have started a journal club for postgraduate students, where we get to sit together at a round table as equals, to discuss on scientific papers about its findings, concepts and thoughts. This not only trains us to speak more confidently in front of the masters, but also, guides us to develop a critical thinking mindset for research.

A combination of all the above elevates my game to the next level and moves me towards becoming a better scientist.'

 Chi Wing Claire Lee

Ms Chi Wing Claire Lee

2018 Master of Science in Food Industry: Management and Marketing


'Studying this MSc Programme at HKU was truly a rewarding experience. The course lecturers are very knowledgeable and passionate, who have enlightened me a lot regarding my understanding about the current food industry. This curriculum is also designed in a practical perspective and encompasses a wide variety of topics, from food safety and product development, to marketing and management, which are particularly useful for my current career. In this regard, no matter you are pursuing your career in food industry or interested in exploring more in this area, I would certainly recommend this course based on my amazing experience here.'

 Christina Ng

Miss Christina Ng

PhD student


'My research focuses on the development of new catalysts for the efficient labeling of a variety of biomolecules. This would provide a useful tool for the chemical-biologists to study important peptides and proteins, which might help to investigate the physiological mechanisms behind several diseases such as cancers and bacterial infections.

During the three years of my PhD studies, my supervisor, Professor Chi-Ming Che, and the Faculty of Science have provided me with lots of support and guidance. The facilities and instruments in the laboratories are new and well-maintained. Besides, the courses provided by the Graduate School also help to prepare me for my PhD training. They help to build confidence in both my presentation and writing skills. Overall, I would say that studying PhD in Science at HKU is indeed an invaluable experience to me.'

 Christina Zhao

Miss Christina Zhao

BSc alumna


Summer Research Fellowship & Visiting Programme@Yale

Christina Zhao (BSc alumna) & Young Scientist Scheme (YSS)

Current PhD student at Oxford

'Four years at HKU were formative and memorable for me. I was given a lot of flexibilities and opportunities.

Academic-wise, I was able to experience research at as early as sophomore year by participating in Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) programme. In my junior year, I went to Yale for a year as a visiting student. During my time there, I worked on an independent research project with explorative nature. I got to meet with the professor every week to discuss various ideas and techniques related to my project. During the summer, we met weekly for group meetings and journal clubs, where we share our project progress as well as interesting papers. Being in such a scientific community also allowed me to have engaging conversations about research with other group members on a daily basis, which helped me develop my own research interest.'

 Jerry Ng

Mr Jerry Ng

6688 BSc&MRes student


‘HKU Science is the only Faculty offering an intensive major programme in Ecology and Biodiversity in Hong Kong, and this is why I am here! I am eager to learn directly from the grand masters and masters – a precious opportunity exclusive to students of this 6688 programme, to enrich my knowledge and develop my practical skills.’ – Jerry Ng (6688 BSc&MRes student)

 Lisa Liu

Miss Lisa Liu

BSc student


Summer Research Fellowship (SRF)

Lisa Liu (BSc Year 3) & Young Scientist Scheme (YSS)

Major in Mathematics

SRF with Professor Guangyue Han

My Way to be a Researcher

'My first research experience was Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) in my year one summer. With the supervision of Professor Guangyue Han, not only did I learn the basic knowledge in information theory, but I also got to know what "research” is.

Instead of computation, mathematical research is more about thinking. By searching and reading related papers, and discussing with my supervisor, I inspired and generated my own idea. Although I did not complete my original proposal at last, what I learned in the programme is much more precious, making this SRF a worthwhile experience. Via writing proposal and synopsis, searching papers, concluding others' ideas, and trying to construct my own, that summer made me feel like a real scientist and determine my goal of being a scientist in the future.

With such an idea and the courage to continue to try, I chose to do scientific research in my sophomore summer vacation. I went to UBC through a joint project with Canada. Although the project was completed online due to the epidemic situation, the friendly professors, weekly group meetings, and exchanges with the PhD students did not make me feel the distance. In this summer research period, I used some methods that I had never tried before to complete the task, learnt about machine learning, and strengthened my programming ability. With the encouragement of foreign professors, I gradually learnt how to communicate and cooperate with others.

 was also fortunate to have a chance to visit Oxford University through exchange programme. Although the programme was again conducted remotely, I still learnt a lot. From an academic perspective, I took lots of courses by distinguished professors of that research fields. Every time I attended the lectures, I felt like they are not just teaching but also telling stories between them and the topics. That might be why they can be the masters as they indeed love their research, and I was greatly impressed by their passion. Moreover, through communication with teachers and classmates after class, I built up a relationship with many students in Oxford. By talking with them, I can deepen my understanding of the knowledge of different topics, and I gradually get familiar with different cultures and lifestyles. In a way, it helps me survive better in a foreign environment!

Thanks to HKU Science, I got all these valuable opportunities to learn and try to become a researcher.'

 Louis Yu

Mr Louis Yu

BSc student


Thanks to many things, I am selected into the Cambridge Track and I am given an offer to St. Catherine’s College in University of Cambridge.

I have intended to take the major of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at HKU, and the specialty of Genetics at Cambridge.

Why I chose the track?

The Cambridge Track is the only program offered in Hong Kong, that can offer you with 2 degrees from 2 different University in 4 years. This already sounds very attractive to me.

Apart from that, I am personally quite into western culture, having 2 years to study aboard in a World-Class university is the perfect deal for me to fully experience the culture and the community there, broadening my horizon about what’s actually going on outside Hong Kong.

Mostly importantly, it’s about my future. Aside from the peak recognition associated with both University, the mode of teaching and the attitude towards science and research are quite different between HKU and University of Cambridge. Being able to study in both university grants me a chance to compare and evaluate between the two, I believe that this can offer me two very distinct view point towards scientific research, in which it can give me a bigger picture of how science really is, and how people from different part of the world will see scientific research.

What I expect from the track?

Right now I am studying at HKU, I am looking forward to gaining research experience from the Summer Research Fellowship and some other research internship. These experience will be extremely valuable for me when I am doing the Final Year project at Cambridge.

For the Cambridge study, which hasn’t happened yet. I am looking forward to meet all sort of talents there. I am excited to exchange ideas and thoughts with them. You know, University of Cambridge is like a cluster of talents from all over the world. I hope my logical thinking and the way I see science can be well-polished there.

My feeling towards the application process

As the sayings go with, no pains no gains. To be frank, the application process was not easy. You got forms to fill, preliminary tests to take, interviews to attend. But, remember all of these hard work is for the entry ticket to the University of Cambridge. Being able to study at HKU is not easy already, being able to study at both HKU and University of Cambridge is a priceless opportunity.

I did put a lot of effort in the application process. I have to figure out the difficult jargons in the unfamiliar UCAS application; I have to spend time reviewing high school textbooks to prepare for the preliminary tests; I have to spend time doing mock interviews to prepare for the real one. It is hard work, but the payoff is rewarding and priceless.

Most importantly, you are never alone. Your track mates will be there with you, discussing the uncertainties encountered; the faculty of science is very helpful, whenever you encountered a problem, you can always turn to the staff. The staff at Faculty of Science are very kind and helpful, their suggestion and help is always on point to help us out of the plight.

Advice for future cohorts

Be curious and confident! There might be challenges on the way, during the application, but don’t be scared! For a research career, you have to always be curious and confident towards challenges! Don’t be afraid to seek help from your track-mates and the teaching staff.