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Outreach for High Schools

Campus Visit

HKU School

We welcome you to visit our campus and facilities!

Secondary school groups are welcome to visit our campus*, to see our facilities, and to have a taste of university life. Science-rich talks, guided tours and fun-filled programmes are designed to arouse students’ interests in science.

*Please also note that HKU has introduced enhanced Covid-19 control measures. Anyone wishing to enter the campus will need to comply with the vaccination requirements of the University. For more information, please visit:


Stephen Hui Geological Museum Guided Tour
by Department of Earth Sciences
Guided Tour
Date:October 12, 2022/ October 13, 2022/ March 8, 2023/ March 9, 2023Stephen Hui Geological Museum
Time:11am - 12:30pm
Venue:Stephen Hui Geological Museum, HKU Main Campus
Lanuage:Cantonese/ English
The Stephen Hui Geological Museum is the first geological museum in Hong Kong. In the guided tour, you will be able to admire the comprehensive mineral collection from all over the world. Via the tour, students will be inspired to understand and appreciate the dynamic natural world of Earth Sciences, and its application to our daily life.


Workshop and Demonstration on Superconductivity
by Department of Physics
Science Workshop and Demonstration
Date:October 11, 2022/ March 7, 2023Elementary Particles and Superconductivity
Time:3:30pm - 5:00pm 
Venue:Hui Oi Chow Science Building, HKU Main Campus
Lanuage:Cantonese/ English
We will introduce the key research areas in our department and demonstrate superconductivity, magnetic levitation and liquid nitrogen. 


Visit of the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum
by School of Biological Sciences
Guide Tour
Date:October 13, 2022/ October 14, 2022/ March 9, 2023/ March 10, 2023Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum
Time:11am-12noon/ 12noon-1pm/ 1-2pm/  2-3pm/ 3-4pm

The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum,
Room 2S-18, 2/F, Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building,  
HKU Main Campus 

The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (HKBM) is the first museum in Hong Kong that is dedicated to biodiversity. With over 15,000 specimens, the HKBM hosts the largest and most comprehensive biodiversity collection within Hong Kong. In the visit, you will be offered an immersive experience into this incredible diversity and learn about related environmental issues.


Workshop and Demonstration on the Miscroscopic World
by Department of Chemistry
Science Workshop, Demonstration and Guided Tour/Laboratory Visit
Date:October 11, 2022/ March 7, 2023Chemistry lab2
Time:3pm - 4:30pm
Venue:Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building, HKU Main Campus
Nanotechnology is at the frontier of chemistry, biology, biophysics, materials science, and engineering. Electronics, energy, construction, medicine, agriculture, consumer products, and even fashion all benefit from nanoscale innovations. In this hands-on campus visit, we will synthesise some nanomaterials and characterise them under an electronic microscope. So get ready and dive into the microscopic world.


Let There Be Light: The Chemistry of luminescence
by Department of Chemistry
Science Talk, Workshop/Demonstration and Guided Tour/Laboratory Visit
Date:October 13, 2022/ March 9, 2023Chemistry lab
Time:3pm - 4:30pm
Venue:Chong Yuet Ming Chemistry Building, HKU Main Campus
The ability to produce light always fascinates humankind. In this campus visit, we will conduct several hands-on activities to explore the chemistry of luminescence. We will introduce students to the basic concepts of light, the electromagnetic spectrum, and Light-matter interactions such as colour, absorption, and luminescence. Through this visit, students will understand the phenomenon of luminescence of organic and inorganic molecules, some of which are found in our daily lives. A brief introduction to luminescent nanomaterials and their applications in new technologies will also be given.


**Please note that teacher(s) shall be included in all capacity requirements listed above.**

Application procedures:

  1. Please submit the application by completing the online form.
  2. Unfilled slots will remain open for application on first-come-first-served basis. Visit will be cancelled if no applications were received 1 week before the scheduled date.

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