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Outreach for High Schools

Campus Visit

HKU School

We welcome you to visit our campus and facilities!

Secondary school groups are welcome to visit our campus*, to see our facilities, and to have a taste of university life. Science-rich talks, guided tours and fun-filled programmes are designed to arouse students’ interests in science.

*Please note that from January 17, 2022, guests wishing to enter the HKU campus will need either to be fully vaccinated or to take weekly self-tests. Guests will need to show their vaccination records or self-test results# to a security guard.
#We will accept original copies, photocopies, and screenshots of vaccination records and self-test results.



Stephen Hui Geological Museum Guided Tour
by Department of Earth Sciences
Guided Tour
Date:October 21, 2021/ November 23, 2021/ March 8, 2022/ April 20, 2022Stephen Hui Geological Museum
Time:11am - 12:30pm
Venue:Stephen Hui Geological Museum, HKU Main Campus
Lanuage:Cantonese/ English
The Stephen Hui Geological Museum is the first geological museum in Hong Kong. In the guided tour, you will be able to admire the comprehensive mineral collection from all over the world. Via the tour, students will be inspired to understand and appreciate the dynamic natural world of Earth Sciences, and its application to our daily life.


Elementary Particles and Superconductivity
by Department of Physics
Science Talk and Workshop/Demonstration
Date:October 12, 2021/ March 8, 2022Elementary Particles and Superconductivity
Time:3:30pm - 5:00pm 
Venue:Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building, HKU Main Campus
Lanuage:Cantonese/ English
Students must have heard of electrons. It is, in fact, one of many elementary particles. We will talk about them in the first half of the campus visit. In the second half, there will be demonstrations on superconductivity, magnetic levitation and liquid nitrogen.


Visit of the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum
by School of Biological Sciences
Guided Tour
Date:October 21, 2021/ October 22, 2021/ October 28, 2021/ October 29, 2021/ 
March 3, 2022/ March 4, 2022/ March 10, 2022/ March 11, 2022
Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum
Time:3pm - 4pm/ 4pm - 5pm
Venue:The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum, Room 2S-18, 2/F,
Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building,  HKU Main Campus
Located within a subtropical region, Hong Kong harbours a rich diversity of animal and plant species. The Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum, with over 16,000 specimens is the first museum in the city offering an immersive experience into this incredible diversity and teaching you about related environmental issues.


Understand the Chirality in Chemistry
by Department of Chemistry
Science Talk
Date:March 7, 2022/ March 8, 2022/ March 9, 2022/ March 10, 2022/ 
March 11, 2022/ March 12, 2022
Chemistry lab
Time:3pm - 4pm/ 4pm - 5pm
Venue:HKU Main Campus
Science talk in Chemistry: Optically active (chiral) molecules are ubiquitous in nature, and they play essential roles in biological activities and chemical synthesis. This science talk will introduce different types of chirality in organic molecules, how to analyse these molecules via various techniques, and how to make them through chemical methods, especially the ones developed by the 2001 Nobel Prize laureates in Chemistry.


A Visit to SWIMS and The Biodiversity of Hong Kong's Marine Reserve
by School of Biological Sciences
Workshop/ Demonstration
Date:Available from November 2021

SWIMS          SWIMS lab

Time:To be proposed by schools
Venue:The Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong,
Cape d’Aguilar Road, Shek O, Hong Kong
(note transport via 28-seater bus is required)
Hong Kong has a rich marine biodiversity, but how can we measure this? One way is to use Autonomous Reef Monitoring Samplers deployed on the seabed.  Students will have a unique, hands-on opportunity to measure one of these samplers, learn about Hong Kong’s biodiversity and how SWIMS scientists collect this data.

**Please note that teacher(s) shall be included in all capacity requirements listed above.**

Application procedures:

  1. Please submit the application by completing the online form.
  2. Unfilled slots will remain open for application on first-come-first-served basis. Visit will be cancelled if no applications were received 1 week before the scheduled date.

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