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Message from Chairperson of Oak Anniversary Organising Committee

Billy K C Chow

Professor CHOW, Billy Kwok Chong

Faculty of Science celebrates its 80th (Oak) Anniversary in 2019. Standing at this point of time, this propitious occasion is a milestone yet a new page for us to review our achievements and position.

Oak is the chosen gift for 80th anniversary. In some cultures, the Oak symbolises great wisdom, knowledge and durability. Though the Oak tree takes years to reach full maturity, it produces one of the strongest types of wood available. Our Faculty’s research and knowledge transfer contain towering noble strength to endure and grow even in adverse conditions, only because our roots – teaching and outreach, dig deep into the ground as solid foundation to help our alumni to scratch out and contribute like branches, and our students to collect strength like fresh leaves. Every part of the Oak tree is interconnected and serves a purpose, just like our Faculty – every element and stakeholder is interrelated for greater synergy.


Our Oak Anniversary themes are “Achieve”, “Connect” and “Educate” (ACE). We sincerely hope that Oak Anniversary is not merely about celebration, but a golden opportunity to position us locally and globally (“achieve”). It is also an occasion for HKU Science family to reunite and share their experiences from diverse walks of life (“connect”). We strive to make science accessible to the public and create impact in society (“educate”). 


Let’s do this together. This is a great chance for you and I to build a stronger alumni community in which all of us will play our roles to support the present and future growth of the Science Faculty that we are all proud of.


Billy K C Chow

Chairperson of HKU Science Oak Anniversary Organising Committee
Professor, Chair of Endocrinology, School of Biological Sciences