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Research Postgraduate Programmes

Coursework Information

Please click on the repective links for the detailed coursework requirements of the Graduate School and the School/Departments:

  1. Graduate School
  2. School of Biological Sciences
  3. Department of Chemistry
  4. Department of Earth Sciences
  5. Department of Mathematics
  6. Department of Physics
  7. Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science


Candidates for the research degrees of MPhil and 4-year PhD will be required to follow an approved course of study and research including coursework. The objective of the coursework component is to aid research work and preparation for writing the thesis. 


Faculty compulsory course - SSAF6001 Basic Laboratory Safety Course for RPg candidates in Faculty of Science

In order to enhance the safety awareness and knowledge of Science RPg students, this 3-hour safety course (SSAF6001), offered by the Safety Office, is a compulsory course to all Science RPg students.  The course will cover general laboratory safety, specific laboratory hazards, fire safety, risk assessment and safety regulations.

This safety course will be conducted twice a year (one in each semester). Students will be informed of the schedule via email. You may register this course during the on-line course enrolment period. 

SSAF6001 is treated as an independent course of the Faculty that RPG candidates are required to complete before the candidature could be confirmed.  Departmental courses only refers to departmental core and elective courses, in other words, completing at least 50% of departmental courses does not count SSAF6001.



In response to UGC’s initiative in the development of strategic alliances and deep collaboration in higher education, the Joint Centre for Advanced Study (JCAS) is a joint effort among The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in developing greater cooperation and collaboration 


Students who are interested to join this scheme should approach the departments of their home institutions for advice and complete the regular procedures of course registration at their home institution. Additionally, they should also complete the student record form and submit it to the Graduate School or the registration office of their home institution. As the authority to enroll on JCAS courses rests with the partner department of the student’s own institution, students will not be separately notified by the host institution the outcome of the course registration. The course(s) registered will appear on the transcripts of the students.


Please visit the website for more information.

Cross-institutional Course Enrolment Scheme is a collaboration among the eight UGC-funded universities in Hong Kong (namely, CityUHK, HKBU, HKUST, CUHK, HKPU, LN, EUHK and HKU). The collaboration allows research postgraduate students to enrol in courses and access to expertise available at the universities other than their own.   


You may visit the website for course information and procedures for applying for course enrolment in these universities.