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Students' Life & Experience

International Students’ Corner





HKU Science is a top choice of many international students.  In addition to local and Mainland students, we have students admitted from 20 countries in the past years including Bangladesh, Finland, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand,  UK, and USA.  Let’s hear from some of our international students on their unique experience and why they were attracted to study here. 

Hear from Our Students

student Aditi


International Student from India
Year 4 BSc student (major in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology)
Participant of Summer Research Fellowship in 2017
Research Student in Ecology and Biodiversity Lab and Chromosome Biology Lab 2016-2017
Student Ambassador at HKU 2017-2018
Science Student Ambassador 2016-2018
Outgoing Exchange Programme at University of British Columbia, Vancouver 2018
Person-in-Charge of Non-Local Sub-committee, Lady Ho Tung Hall 2016-2017


"In my four years at HKU, I have been blessed with a plethora of opportunities allowing me to grow to my best capability. Ranging from the Summer Research Fellowship in Year 2, to the Exchange Program in Canada in Year 3, to my current Final Year Project, I have learnt about essential skills required not only in Academia but also personal skills such as time management and communication."

student Ivy

Ivy YI

Mainland student

Major in Statistics

2016-2017  Internship in CITIC CLSA Securities

2017-2018  Internship in China CITIC Bank

2017 Horizon Programme in Philippines


"I love the logic behind science subjects and enjoy explore the world’s mystery. Faculty of Science offered me liberty and flexibility. It empowered me to take a variety of courses. I deeply felt in love with statistics during my first year taking SCNC 1111 course, which used mathematical science to solve real life problems. The more statistics courses I took, the more intrigued I was. 

Over my three years in university, I met amazing professors, tutors, and university staff who gave me lots of advices and guidance towards my study and future career. With the Faculty’s support, I chose risk management as my major. 

I believe university is a place for us to realise our passion and HKU is the perfect place."