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Taught Postgraduate Programmes

General Information

For all TPG Programmes (except MSc in the field of Food Safety and Toxicology)

Examination will be held in December/January for the first semester, and in May/June for the second semester.   The examination timetable will be available nearer the time via Student Connect. 


For MSc in the field of Food Safety and Toxicology

Examinations will be held after the last lesson of the courses and will be announced in due course.

Plagiarism has become an increasingly serious problem in the University. It is aggravated by the easy access to a wide range of materials available on the internet. The situation is particularly severe in course assessment involving submission of report / poster / presentation, where students have been caught copying materials in bulk. Plagiarism is regarded as a very serious offence in the academic world. It constitutes academic theft - the offender has 'stolen' the work of others and presented the stolen work as if it were his or her own. It goes to the integrity and honesty of a person. It stifles creativity and originality, and defeats the purpose of education. 


In this University, plagiarism is a disciplinary offence and may be considered by the University's Disciplinary Committee for possible disciplinary action. Any student who commits the offence is liable to disciplinary action. You may refer to the booklet on "What is Plagiarism?" available here to avoid committing such an offence.​​​​

All examination papers are carefully marked by examiners and the results are duly approved by the Board of Examiners. The University's position is that students are not allowed to appeal against examination results with regard to the academic judgment. However, if students wish to apply for rechecking of their examination results due to procedural irregularity or technical error, they should apply in writing to the Faculty Office by submitting a separate application for each course to be checked within 14 days after the announcement of the assessment results.


Please refer the Procedures for Checking of Assessment Results of Taught Courses (document 111/511 amended) for details:

  • Submit one application form for each course to be checked to the Faculty Office, together with the receipt of payment by email to; AND
  • Late application will not be considered.