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Research Fundings

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The Faculty has attracted significant amount of research funds in past three years. The fundings solidify our research strengths, help us to further enhance our research leadership and become a forerunner in research in the world. With these fundings, we continue to excel in research and create impact to benefit mankind with innovation research.


Funding Schemes

Research Funds awarded in 2015-20

Health@InnoHK programme1~ HK$502,300,000
AIR@InnoHK programme2~ HK$305,000,000
Areas of Excellence Scheme (AoE)HK$175,841,000
Collaborative Research Fund (CRF)HK$76,512,721
General Research Fund (GRF)/ Early Career Scheme (ECS)HK$224,020,690
Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)HK$54,998,141
Research Impact Fund (RIF)HK$14,406,087


  1. The Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry and Chemical Biology

    The laboratory is a 5-year programme led by Professor Chi Ming CHE from the Department of Chemistry, in collaboration with Imperial College London and Peking University. The project aims to produce innovative, high-impact and leading-edge interdisciplinary research in the area of drug discovery and development. It has been admitted to the Health@InnoHK programme launched by Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), HKSAR with a projected funding of HK$502.3 million and a laboratory area of 10.271 sq.ft. in Hong Kong Science Park.
  2. The Hong Kong Quantum AI Lab

    The Centre is a multi-disciplinary programme which combines big data/machine learning, computational science and experiment to discovery new energy materials and devices, in particular, organic light emitting diodes and solid state lithium ion battery. Professor Guanhua CHEN from Department of Chemistry is the Lead Principal Investigator. It has been admitted to AIR@InnoHK programme launched by Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), HKSAR with a projected funding of up to HK$305 million over a five period and a lab space of around 12,000 sq.ft. in Hong Kong Science Park.