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Junior Science Institute (JSI)

What Our Participants Say


Colourful Food

"We can take part in doing interesting experiment. Also, the admission talk is very useful for us."

"Suitable and interesting topic."


Discovering the Earth

"I like the identification of rocks with their specific characteristics as I can see and feel the textures of different kinds of stone."

"I can learn more in-depth information about minerals and the Earth which cannot be learnt at school."

"Visiting the museum is enjoyable, identifying the rocks is really a special experience."


Gases Everywhere

"It helped us review the basic knowledge in chemistry so that we can be well prepared for HKDSE. It also taught us new knowledge that we did not learn in school and let us do experiment for a whole day."


Geology and Landscapes of Hong Kong

"Through field trip, abstract theory taught in school lesson will become practical and more memorable. Information is presented in an organised way and deepen my understanding towards geography."

"I can walk on Ap Chau and Lai Chi Chong. I know more about the rock."


Magnetism and Motion

"The workshop teaches us about the wonders of magnetism which is interesting and related to our daily life."




Meet your Meat

"The activities about making sausage because it is funny to make sausage and I know the commercial sausage is not 100% meat."



Molecular Analysis of Genetically Modified Plants

"I enjoy the testing of the DNA extraction from soybean. The experiment covered lots of topics that I learnt in school and taught us new laboratory technique."

"I enjoyed enormously the JSI course as it allowed me a rare chance to get in touch with certain modern technology e.g. PCR and allowed me to explore and got hand-on what they can achieve."


Mathematics - Octopus I, II, III and IV

"I like Maths most about JSI, I can know more knowledge about Maths. I like Maths very much, I feel happy after I solve the problems. The lessons are interesting."

"The advanced topics that are currently unavailable in our school's syllabus."

"The programme is interesting. Teachers are well-organised. I like the course of Probability very much."

"Courses are inspiring and encourage me to study science."

"The first lesson of Zermelo Theorem. It was very funny about the games we play. It was very meaningful and useful for me to play with friend. My pal will never win when we play. And I can recommend to my teacher to organise that in our lesson."

"JSI enhanced my interest in studying Mathematics and it is important for me to know that Mathematics is always around us."


The Magic of Polymers

"The workshop can greatly enrich my chemistry knowledge and experiment skills."

"The topics are interesting. I have learnt more scientific knowledge and have more understanding about each major in the university. After joining JSI, I have a more clear mission to what I'd like to study in the future."