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Faculty of Science Oak Anniversary Fund

Benefiting mankind with innovation research and scientific training 

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our donors, who generously support the sustainable development of the Faculty through the Grow Our Oak Campaign. 

Professor Chow, Billy Kwok Chong


Professor CHOW, Billy Kwok Chong


You Are Invited

Giving is a representation of belief. You give selflessly for a future you dream about, for a vision you wish to achieve. It may not be realised right away, but you believe that what you give out will make a change. The impact is not just on the direct recipients of your generosity, but on everyone in their present and future networks.

To me, I believe in the momentum of “pay it forward”. Your kindness will make a little spark, which will indeed provoke a chain of good deeds. So do not underestimate your gift and make a change today. Regardless you are about to support an iconic project or a young teenager, the world is no longer the same.


Hesitate no more – please give, and we create impacts together.


Signature of Professor Chow, Billy Kwok Chong


Billy K C Chow

Chairperson of Oak Anniversary Organising Committee

Professor, Chair of Endocrinology, School of Biological Sciences

About The Grow Our Oak Campaign

Oak is the chosen gift for 80th Anniversary; and your gift definitely is precious to grow and nurture our Oak tree in following areas – special facilities at the new science building, new laboratories at Swire Institute of Marine Science, innovative research, endowed professorship and student enrichment. We are ambitious to scale new heights ahead and we need HK$10 million plus 3 Endowed Professorships to fund our initiatives.


Oak Leaf Donor

Oak Leaf Donor

HK$10,000 or above
(entitled to inscribe on a leaf for each donation of HK$10,000)

Oak Acorn Donor

Oak Acorn Donor

HK$ 50,000 or above
(entitled to inscribe on an acorn)

Oak Flower Donor

Oak Flower Donor

HK$ 200,000 or above
(entitled to inscribe on an oak flower)

Oak Foundation Donor

Oak Foundation Donor

HK$ 1,000,000 or above (entitled to inscribe on the foundation)


*About Faculty of Science Patron Circle:

  • Donors who contribute HK$ 1 million or above to the Faculty will be invited to the Circle
  • Entitled to name scholarships or research fund
  • Membership is lifetime and Patrons are regularly invited to Faculty-wide activities
  • Eligible to join HKU Foundation as ‘Honorary Director’ and enjoy a range of membership privileges at University level, terms of membership are outlines on the HKU Foundation website and are subject to change over time

What Our Donors Say

Oak Leaf Donor

Professor Billy K C Chow, Chairperson of Oak Anniversary Organising Committee

Every gift counts. Your support will create momentum and opportunities that benefit both our faculties and students

Oak Acorn Donor

An Alumnus from the 1960s

As a gesture to show my support for the Faculty on this happy occasion, I would like to pledge a donation as a kick-off contribution. I am sure the money will be put to good use.

Oak Foundation Donors

TCL Corporate Research (HK) Co. Ltd, Corporate Donor of TCL Innovative Research Fund for Science 80th Anniversary

The fund nurtures young talented PhD students and fosters them to become next generation of scientists — being innovative and creative with practicality mindset, and be able to create world-class research with commercialisation impacts.

Oak Foundation Donors

Mr Yip Che Shing (BSc 1976, MPhil 1979) and Mrs Cecilia Yip, Donors of Norman and Cecilia Yip Professorship in Bioinorganic Chemistry



Funding Initiatives

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Special Facilities at New Science Building and Expansion of SWIMS

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Innovative Research

The Faculty has some top-notch researchers at the forefront of...

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Student Enrichment and Scholarship

By 2022 all our students will have the opportunity to choose from a rich range...

Make a Gift

Professor Matthew R Evans

Every gift has an impact. We hope your donation will enable us to strive for excellence in different areas.