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Young Scientist Scheme (YSS)

What is YSS?


About Young Scientist Scheme (YSS)

student experimenting

As a strong, research-oriented faculty, the Faculty of Science is committed to providing our students with the best science education and incubating future scientists. YSS provides outstanding students with ample early research experiences in 6901 BSc Programme.          

Students in YSS are guaranteed with:

  1. Enrolment in our flagship Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) Scheme to conduct research under the supervision of our professors in the first summer
  2. A further SRF or Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF) in a foreign institution in subsequent years
  3. International exchange, visiting or summer study at world class universities overseas
  4. Attendance in international scientific conference on frontier research
  5. Guidance from a research mentor individually from the start of the undergraduate study
  6. Enrolment in our Frontiers of Science Honours Seminar to learn how our award-winning professors solve their research problems
  7. Stipends for all the aforesaid research activities
  8. An entrance scholarship ranging from HKD 20,000 to HKD 70,000#   


# The amount to be approved. For JUPAS students with a total score of 35 or above in their best 5 HKDSE subjects (Category A subjects and M1/M2).

Scholarship for Non-JUPAS students are considered on a case-by-case basis.