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Research Postgraduate Programmes

Hear from our students

Christina NG
Research Division for Chemistry

Christina NG
Fellow of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme 
PhD Year 3 student and BSc graduate 
Research foci: The development of new catalysts for the efficient labeling of a variety of biomolecules 
Supervisor: Professor Chi-Ming CHE, Research Division for Chemistr

“During my PhD studies, my supervisor and the Faculty of Science have provided me with lots of support and guidance. The facilities and instruments in the laboratories are new and well-maintained. Besides, the courses provided by the Graduate School also help to prepare me for my PhD training. They help to build confidence in both my presentation and writing skills. Overall, I would say that studying PhD in Science at HKU is indeed an invaluable experience to me."

Wallace HUI 
MPhil student 
Research foci: The solvation of geochemically-relevant species under volcanic and atmospheric conditions 
Supervisor: Dr Kono LEMKE, Research Division for Earth and Planetary Science 

Wallace Hui
Research Division for Earth & Planetary Science

“HKU supports students doing graduate scientific research with an abundance of resources, you will be encouraged to carry out cutting-edge research, which would equip you with important problem solving and critical thinking skills; it would be an eye-opening experience for ones with the right minds and endurance.”
Bovern Suchart ARROMRAK
Research Division for Ecology & Biodiversity
Bovern Suchart ARROMRAK 
PhD Year 3 student 
Research foci: Marine environmental research – understanding eco-evolutionary dynamics of microbial organisms in changing environments 
Supervisor: Dr Juan Diego GAITÁN-ESPITIA, Research Division for Ecology and Biodiversity
“The most attractive pull factor for me to do science at HKU is the abundant academic and personal development opportunities. You get to learn from the best minds here, who always encourage and motivate us to strive to the top. All these elevate my expertise to the next level and bring me to be a better scientist.”

Yanran LI  
Fellow of University Postgraduate Fellowship 
PhD Year 4 student 
Research foci: Pathoadaptation mechanisms of nosocomial pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
Supervisor: Dr Aixin YAN, Research Division for Molecular and Cell Biology

Yanran Li
Research Division for Molecular & Cell Biology

“With the dynamic and welcoming vibe at HKU Science, I have always aspired to make breakthroughs in cutting edge science and was privileged to be exposed to the state-of-the-art technology. The Faculty stresses on the well-being and overall development of fellow students and is making every effort to help us thrive and fulfil our ambitions.”
Junlong LYUResearch Division for Mathematical & Statistical ScienceJunlong LYU
Fellow of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
PhD Year 4 student
Research foci: Numerical methods for Stochastic Differential Equations
Supervisor: Dr Zhiwen ZHANG, Research Division for Mathematical & Statistical Science
“As a research postgraduate in HKU, my life is fulfilling here as the environment and professors here greatly facilitate my research in computational mathematics. I frequently exchange ideas and discuss with senior colleagues, and my supervisor Dr Zhiwen Zhang gives me not only precious suggestions on research but also opportunities to expand my networks via external conferences.”

Chengxin XIAO  
Fellow of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme
PhD Year 4 student
Research foci: Electronic and optical property of 2D materials
Supervisor: Professor Wang YAO, Research Divison for Physics & Astronomy

Xiao Cheng XinResearch Division for Physics & Astronomy

“My RPg life at HKU is substantial and meaningful. The Faculty provides ample support and seminar opportunities which are close to the frontier of my field. I can learn a lot of fundamental knowledge regarding my research from professors. My supervisor Professor Wang Yao gives me much useful advice on the direction and regarding the details of my research.”