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Students' Life & Experience

Diverse Learning Experiences

Our undergraduate curriculum employs a multifaceted instructional approach to ensure that learning outcomes are achieved with the most effective learning methods. All students are encouraged to acquire some learning experiences outside classroom in the form of exchange study, overseas field camp, international forum, internship, or research project. Such experiences serve to broaden the students’ horizon, to enhance their capability in communication and intercultural understanding, and to better prepare them for upcoming challenges in this ever-changing world.



Undergraduate Research Experiences

  • Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF):

         North America
    • California Institute of Technology
    • Columbia University
    • Cornell University
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    • Stanford University
    • University of California at Berkeley
    • University of California at Los Angeles

    • CERN
    • University of Cambridge
    • University College London
Students in field trip


  • Summer Research Fellowship (SRF)
  • Undergraduate Research Colloquium
  • Final-year projects
  • Directed studies

Student Sharing 


WANG Wenyuan

2015 BSc graduate (double major in Physics and Computer Science)
Participant of Overseas Research Fellowship Scheme at University of Toronto in Summer, 2014
Best Poster and Best Presenter in Research Colloquium of Overseas Research Fellowship Scheme 2013-14
Wenyuan is currently pursuing his PhD studies in Physics at the University of Toronto


“The university life at HKU has been an unforgettable and life-changing experience for me. The parts I love about HKU the most are the abundant undergraduate research opportunity and its flexible course structure. The in-depth knowledge acquired in my two majors - Physics and Computer Science, facilitiated me to pursue Quantum Information, a field standing at the intersection of both fields, which is now my research direction for PhD studies.

Moreover, I have gained very abundant hands-on research experience. In my Year 2 summer, I was very luckily to participate in a cutting-edge research project in Quantum Information at the University of Toronto via ORF. I was also fortunate enough to be a co-author of a paper in Nature Communications via this project participation. The experience made me determined to study Quantum Information and I finally successfully applied for PhD studies at the University of Toronto, with the Professor I worked under that summer being my supervisor now. In my last year at HKU, I worked on a Final Year Project in Quantum Information and also had the opportunity to present my work at the research colloquium.

Overall, my experience at HKU has equipped me with deep and broad academic knowledge, as well as invaluable on-the-field training in research, which I believe will benefit me tremendously for my entire research career."

International Exchange Studies

Exchange Student 2

Around 300 partner universities in more than 40 countries, including:

North America

  • University of California
  • University of Chicago
  • Columbia University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Stanford University
  • Yale University
Exchange Student 1


  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Oxford


Field Trips

Group student

Provide students with hands-on learning experience outside classroom


Examples of field trip destinations:

  • Kenya
  • Thailand
  • USA
  • Australia


Student Sharing


TAM Wai Hang Joycelyn

2018 BSc graduate (major in Geology; minor in Geotechnical
Participant of regional field study entitled “Deconstructing
the anatomy of the arc-continent collision system in Taiwan”


"Despite having frequently heard about hot springs and earthquakes in Taiwan from the media, this was the first time I was able to closely investigate the story behind them. As Taiwan lies in a special location — along the boundaries of two active plates, many unique rock features which are absent in Hong Kong can be found there. This experience was exciting, especially when we had the chance to look closely at a representing rock feature that I had only read about it in books yet had never seen before. This field trip has undeniably given me a valuable opportunity to integrate what I have learnt in lectures, enhancing my understanding of different geological processes. It also allowed me to learn through interactions with nature, to feel the genuine power and the beauty of our dynamic planet Earth, and provided me with knowledge beyond books."


Career Preparation & Internships

Stock photo
  • Career Success Programme
  • Enables students to apply knowledge in the workplace
  • Prepares students for their career


Examples of internship opportunities:

  • Government bodies
  • Scientific laboratories
  • Non-government agencies/ NGOs
  • Commercial companies

Student Sharing


Sharon WENG

2016 BSc graduate (double major in Chemistry and Biological Sciences)
Participant of disciplinary internship in Copenhagen, Denmark


"As a budding biochemist, I have always wanted to gain experience in the biotechnology industry abroad. I knew from my studies and my research that Denmark has one of the most active biotechnology scenes in Europe, and that the biotechnology industry is an important part of the Danish economy; I was curious to witness how those things play out in this small country. So with a mixture of trepidation, curiosity and excitement, I embarked on a journey that later proved to be a positively eye-opening experience. Meeting new people and immersing myself in a new culture, language and work environment have been stimulating for both my professional and personal development. Furthermore, the programme provided me with the invaluable time to think about where my true career interests lie and to reflect upon my life thus far. ”