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Student Experiential Learning and Enrichment Opportunities

List of Experiential Learning Ambassadors and Student Sharing

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Undergraduate Research

SRF 2022_Ho Ka Chun

Ho Ka Chun (BSc student) - Participant in Summer Research Fellowship Scheme 2022

To me, the Summer Research Fellowship scheme offered by the HKU Faculty of Science is a precious experience. Since my first year, I have always been interested in an academic career. This scheme provided me with what I needed the most - an opportunity to work in a research laboratory. This is also what makes the scheme so valuable, as finding research opportunities is never easy for undergraduate students.

During those few months, I learned a lot from Dr. Rio Sugimura’s laboratory, in terms of both hard and soft skills. For example, I acquired a range of cell culturing techniques, such as basic culture maintenance, formation of spheroid, and the induction of differentiation. From the weekly lab meetings, I also learned a lot about the latest discoveries in the field. Here, I would like to thank Dr. Rio and the faculty for giving me this valuable opportunity.

SRF 2022_Zhou Polly

Zhou Polly (BSc student) - Participant in Summer Research Fellowship Scheme 2022

It was a fruitful and rewarding summer participating in the Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) 2022 organized by the Faculty of Science in Professor Billy Chow’s Lab. I had the precious opportunity to initiate a mini project and work individually on it. I further enhanced my laboratory skills and gained many inspirations for my future development from my fellows. Additionally, I built my confidence and independence in my future scientific exploration.

Under the pandemic situation, it is rare for undergraduate students to be introduced in person to the latest technology in different fields of research. SRF is a great bridge that connects us to understand current technological development and trends. This equips us to become future global leaders in leading our humanity to the next level.

Finally, the obstacles I encountered in the scheme made me treasure the findings and efforts that previous scientists contributed.

ORF 2022_Michael Rogatch

Michael Rogatch (BSc student) - Participant in Overseas Research Fellowship Scheme 2022

In summer 2022, I participated in an Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF) at ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. I worked in the Kovalenko Lab, which is a laboratory with a focus on Functional Inorganic Materials. During my 3 months at the lab, I gained a lot of valuable and advanced practical experience that I wouldn’t have learned from the regular lab sessions from my chemistry courses. I also experienced a different working environment compared to my previous lab internships in Hong Kong and noticed more organized activities within the group, such as group hikes and group lunches. I am very grateful to Dr. Kovalenko for hosting me in his lab and Dr. Dmitry Dirin for supervising and helping me with my research project. The ORF was a great experience, and I would do it again if I could.

URIA 2022-23_Zhang Hongzhuo

Zhang Hongzhuo (BSc student) - Recipient of the Research Internship Award of the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme 2022-23

It was indeed a very fulfilling summer. During the program, I stepped into the fields of virology and immunology. With the help of my supervisor Prof. JIN, Dong-Yan, mentor Dr.YE, Zi-Wei, and Mr. Ong Chon Phin, I started my own project and gained hands-on experience in the lab. I practiced many lab techniques that I had only learned from textbooks before, such as qRT-PCR, ELISA, luciferase assay, tissue culture, etc. This experience deepened my understanding of these techniques. Moreover, this program also provided an opportunity to learn about the field and communicate with experienced people. My mentors taught me a lot about how to become a good researcher, including experiment design, troubleshooting, and presentation of work. This invaluable experience not only makes me more determined about my future career, but also equips me with the necessary skills. I am really grateful for this fellowship.  

Exchange Study

Chen Hejia_Exchange (Sem 2 2022-23)

Chen Hejia (BSc(ActuarSc) Student) - Participant in HKUWW Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme at University of Waterloo, Canada (Semester 2, 2022-23)

Going on exchange to the University of Waterloo was one of the most precious and inspiring experiences in my undergraduate study. Although I initially had difficulty adapting to the new campus with its tempestuous snowstorms, countryside landscapes, and limited dining options, I found studying there to be exceptionally enjoyable. In statistic courses, I was impressed with the professors’ interpretations of propositions and theorems, which were precise, intelligible and perceptive. Additionally, the scintillating conversations among professors and students at the end of each class captivated me, where we raised questions, brainstormed to answer them, and discussed relevant blue-sky thinking.  Furthermore, the tutors were adept at arranging supplementary materials and sharing their trenchant comments. In a nutshell, the University of Waterloo is a stunning choice for students of statistics or computer science who want to go on exchange. I believe it will be a delightful journey, and we can all find treasure there. 

Xiao Ziyan_Exchange (Sem 2 2022-23)

Xiao Ziyan (BASc(AppliedAI) Student) - Participant in HKUWW Undergraduate Student Exchange Programme at University of California, San Diego, USA (Semester 2, 2022-23)

I completed the long-expected exchange at the University of California, San Diego. I will never forget the azure West Pacific Ocean, the warm sunlight in southern California, and the wonderful people I met there! The courses were meaningful and inspiring, and I always felt direct exposure to the technology and innovation atmosphere there. Extra-curricular activities were also fantastic, and I benefited so much by talking with people with entirely different life trajectories. I also took the opportunity to visit other cities and universities around the U.S., knowing what other students were doing in those prestigious schools and knowing my limitations. I really appreciated the Internation Affairs Office for organizing HKUWW programs and constantly encouraging us to leave our comfort zone and explore a bigger world. “Read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, meet thousands of people” might be the best way to attain personal growth. Fully powered by the exchange, I am ready to embark on a new journey!!

Yao Yuanyue_Visiting Study (2022-23)

Yao Yuanyue (BSc Student) - Participant in Worldwide Plus Visiting Programme at Yale University, USA (2022-23)

My year-long visiting study at Yale University has been very enriching! I made a lot of friends and participated in a variety of events just like a regular Yale student. The Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Yale is very tight-knit and I got to meet a lot of like-minded people through classes. I had tons of new and unexpected experiences including geology field trips: a 5-day field trip in the Northeast US, a 10-day field trip in Oman, and a 14-day field trip in Greece! Through connections with a professor, I also did 12 days of fieldwork in Dominica. Additionally, I am working in a geochemistry clean lab, as well as mineral collections from the Yale Peabody Museum. The whole Yale experience has opened my eyes. All in all, I learned so much - academically, socially, and also about myself. I have a clearer vision of what I want in the future and feel more confident about myself.

Experiential Learning Activities Funded by Overseas / Mainland Experiential Learning Funding from the Faculty of Science

2022/23 - BIOL3305 Tropical and Temperate Marine Ecology Field Course (Sydney & Orpheus Island, Australia)



2022/23 - BIOL3328 Nearshore marine and estuarine ecology (Tsitsikamma, Storms River, South Africa)



2022/23 - BIOL4962 Food Security and Sustainable Food Systems Program (University of British Columbia, Canada)



2022/23 - ENVS3401 Understanding tropical ecosystems in a changing world (Danum Valley, Malaysia)



2022/23 - Professional Development for Chemistry Majors (Seoul, South Korea)




2022/23 - Summer School on Nuclear Physics at RIKEN (Tokyo, Japan)



2021/22 - EASC4955 Integrated field studies (Montana, USA)