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Undergraduate Programme

Minor in Science Entrepreneurship

Science Entrepreneurship

Opening the doors to entrepreneurship

This Minor aims at:

minor objective



  • Train the essential entrepreneurial skills and mindset
  • Practise what is learnt from the classroom immediately
  • Build a solid team and real business venture

Some highlights of the Minor:

Unlike other major or minor programmes, the Minor in Science Entrepreneurship established by the Faculty of Science is unique in that it focuses on integrating different mindsets and skillsets of students. Students can immediately practice what they have learned in the classroom with substantial external resources in support. Here are some unique features of the Minor:

  • Multi-disciplinary Creative-Entrepreneurship Approach:

    • Science Student + Engineering Student + Business Student + Science/Art Student...

  • Unique Hand-in-Hand Walk Through Process to create a business venture:
    • Learning the essentials
    • Internship in start-ups
      • Learning the daily operation of a start-up
      • Helping to write the investment proposal for the start-up
  • Teaching and caching by internal and external expertise:
    • Practice what is learned
    • Form their teams with different disciplines during studying
    • Set up their own start-up companies
  • Post Minor follow-up activities
    • Further coaching
      • Business Plan competitions
      • Application of Incubation Programme
        • iDendron at HKU
        • HKSTP/CyberPort
  • Fund raising activities 
    • Government TSSSU Fund at HKU
    • Angel investors



[Video] Programme Director of the Minor in Science Entrepreneurship Dr Rocky Law introducing the unique features of the Minor.



[Video] Introduction of the content of the Minor, courses and the application procedure.




[Video] Student Testimonial

1st Cohort

Mr Cameron Xavier van Breda (BSc)

Major: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

Mr Aman Selarka (BBA)

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

Mr Harry Chu (BSc)

1st Major: Chemistry

2nd Major: Finance

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

Mr Keith Chau [BBA(IBGM)]

1st Major: International Business and Global Management

2nd Major: Business Design and Innovation

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

Ms Sara Yue (BSc)

Major: Decision Analytics

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

harry keith sara

2nd Cohort

Mr Ari Chiu Nok Tsang (BSc)

Major: Molecular Biology & biotechnology

1st Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

2nd Minor: Italian

Ms Henley Wing Yue Yeung (BBA)

Major: Accounting and Finance

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

Mr Jose Ngo Hay Chan (BEng)

Major: Civil Engineering

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

Ari Henley Jose
Mr Thomas Wai Hin Chu (BSc)

Major: Food and Nutritional Science

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

Mr Michael Wang (BEng)

Major: Computer Science

1st Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

2nd Minor: Marketing

Thomas MIchael  

3rd Cohort

Ms Anna Fong Lam Ng (BSc)

Major: Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

1st Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

2nd Minor: Music

Ms Lofti Fard Marjan (BSc)

Major: Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

1st Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

2nd Minor: Arabic

Ms Tina Ko (BSc)

Major: Food and Nutritional Science

1st Minor: Science Entrepreneurship

2nd Minor: French

Anna Lofti Tina
Mr Christopher Lee (BBA)

Major: Information Systems

1st Minor: Computer Science

2nd Minor: Science Entrepreneurship