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Undergraduate Programme

Minor in Science Entrepreneurship

Science Entrepreneurship

Opening the doors to entrepreneurship 

This Minor aims at:

minor objective




  • Broadening the horizon with respect to entrepreneurship
  • Connecting academic knowledge with the real world
  • Bringing huge insights via critical analysis of enterprises

Some highlights of the Minor:

  • Co-taught by other Faculties such as Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Strong emphasis on practical experience:
    • Entrepreneurship Internship
    • Capstone project (e.g. entrepreneurship-related competitions or business analysis of enterprises)
  • Mentoring offered by our alumni and others who are entrepreneurs or hold senior positions in industry/business
  • Incorporates new courses tailor-made for this Minor such as organisational behaviours, leadership, principles of technology entrepreneurship, science-based innovation development, strategic marketing and user analysis, as well as related courses currently offered by other Faculties


[Video] Programme Director of the Minor in Science Entrepreneurship Dr Rocky Law introducing the unique features of the Minor.


[Video] Introduction of the content of the Minor, courses and the application procedure.



[Video] Student Testimonial


Mr Cameron Xavier van Breda (BSc)

Major: Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship


Mr Harry Chu (BSc)

1st Major: Chemistry

2nd Major: Finance

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship



Mr Keith Chau [BBA(IBGM)]

1st Major: International Business and Global Management

2nd Major: Business Design and Innovation

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship



Ms Sara Yue (BSc)

Major: Molecular Biology & biotechnology

Minor: Science Entrepreneurship