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Science Route Map


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The Faculty endeavours to engage the HKU Science members and public in a wide range of community and outreach activities. In celebration of HKU Science Oak Anniversary, the Faculty hopes to establish a Science Route Map, by organising visits to science-related institutes, field trips and eco-tours, to promote science education and knowledge among the Hong Kong community.


First stop: Hong Kong Observatory

Visit to Hong Kong Observatory

Hong Kong Observatory

To walk out the Science Route Map in Hong Kong, our first stop is Hong Kong Observatory. HKU Faculty of Science and HKU Science Alumni Association co-organised a visit to the Observatory on 10th March 2018 (Saturday). Alumni and their families and friends were presented the technology used in the Observatory for weather analysis and forecast. They also had the chance to visit the historical buildings and appreciate its history and development.

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Second stop: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Second stop of our Science Route Map is Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden. The visit was held on a sunny Saturday (26th May 2018) and this mindfulness journey echoed with one of our anniversary themes – “Connect”.

In this visit “connect” was not merely among alumni, more importantly and preciously was the connection back to ourselves. This mindfulness journey emphasised on our own “being”, and our harmonious relationship with the nature. Participants were able to take a slow pace in breathing, walking, eating and relaxation via mindful activities, and to learn to have gratitude towards the nature. They also had the chance to visit greenhouse and get to know more about herbs and other plants – not by any captions but by their sensations to observe their colours, textures and odours.


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Third stop: Back to our starting point – HKU

HKU campus tour

HKU campus


On 21st July, the Faculty has collaborated with HKU Science Alumni Association (HKUSAA) and HKU Science Society to welcome our alumni back to HKU, where all fond memories begin. Alumni and their families and friends revisited the campus, also toured around the Centennial Campus. “Connect” is one of the themes of HKU Science Oak Anniversary and we wish to see more and more alumni could re-connect and celebrate together!


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