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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme (URFP)

To enhance students’ learning experience and to nurture the next generation of researchers/scholars, the ‘Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme’ (URFP) was introduced by the University since 2012.


The URFP is a prestigious programme that offers opportunities for academically outstanding students (students who are in the 90th percentile of top students in a study programme or have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 and above) to undertake research under the guidance and supervision of academic staff who have a strong research track record and experience in training research postgraduate students.  In 2023-24, 21 Science students participated in the URFP and 6 of them received the summer research internship award to conduct research locally in summer 2023.


Students enrolled in the URFP are required to undertake a research study by taking a project/ directed studies course.  Research internship for at least 8 weeks in summer may also form an essential part of such a research study, if determined by the supervisors concerned, and students may receive a research internship awards of up to HK$40,000 for research internship overseas or up to HK$10,000 in Hong Kong or the Mainland.  As the research internship awards will be funded across the University, competition for such awards may likely to be keen.


The URFP participants are also eligible to enroll in specified postgraduate courses.  Successful completion of the URFP will be recorded in the students’ transcripts and those perform well will be considered for early admission to research postgraduate programmes of the University.