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Young Scientist Scheme (YSS)

World Class Research Experiences

Examples of Research Experiences

  • Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF)
  • Summer Research Fellowship (SRF)
  • Guidance from Research Mentor
  • Frontiers of Science Honours Seminar
  • International Scientific Conference
  • Final Year Project


Main Research Areas
student experimentingChemistryChemistry
Earth and Planetary ScienceEarth and Planetary Science
Ecology and BiodiversityEcology and Biodiversity
Mathematical and Statistical ScienceMathematical and Statistical Science
Molecular and Cell BiologyMolecular and Cell Biology
Physics and AstronomyPhysics and Astronomy


Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF)

Examples of institutions in which Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF) was held in the past years:

Overseas Research Fellowship (ORF)

 North America 

  • California Institute of Technology
  • Columbia University
  • Cornell University
  • MIT
  • Stanford University
  • University of California

       (Berkeley & Los Angeles)


  • CERN
  • University College London 
  • University of Cambridge



Listen to Our Students

ZHAO qingqing

ZHAO Christina

  • 2020 BSc graduate (Major in Physics)
  • ORF Participant at Department of Applied Physics, Yale University


"My year-long research experience at Yale was formative. I was extremely lucky to join a research group that shows great support to undergraduate. That’s the best summer I have ever had, and I enjoyed my life there as a researcher."

Yale University

Christina's experience of participating in Overseas Research Fellowship 

"I was given a chance to work on an independent research project with explorative nature. I got to meet with the professor every week to discuss various ideas and techniques related to my problem. During the summer, we met weekly for group meetings and journal clubs, where we share our project progress as well as interesting papers. Being in such a scientific community also allowed me to have engaging conversations about research with other group members on a daily basis, which helped me link cross-domain ideas to my own project."


Qingqing at Yale