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Research Postgraduate Programmes


13 March 2019
In order to enhance the safety awareness and knowledge of Science RPg students, a 3-hour safety course will be made compulsory to RPg students of the following registration dates:
(1)     MPhil candidates registered on or after January 1, 2009;
(2)     3-year PhD candidates registered on or after January 1, 2008; and
(3)     4-year PhD candidates registered on or after January 1, 2007.
The Basic Laboratory Safety Training will be conducted by the Safety Office twice a year, normally in Sept/Oct and Feb/Mar.
The upcoming safety course will be held in Sept/Oct 2019 (date to be confirmed).
For registration purposes, please bring along your student ID card and arrive before 2:15 pm. 
The course will cover general laboratory safety, specific laboratory hazards, fire safety, risk assessment and safety regulations. It will be divided into two parts:
(i) the first part will be on some general occupational safety issues for both laboratory based and non-laboratory based RPg students;
(ii) the second part will be on specific laboratory safety issues for laboratory-based RPg students.
(Laboratory-based - SBS, Chem, ESc and Phys)  (Non-laboratory based - Math and SAAS)
RPG students are required to enrol this course during the online enrolment period. Please note that students, who have successfully completed this course requirement before, need not retake this course again.
The quiz would be conducted in Moodle and you have to complete the online quiz by a specified date. Please note that you are required to complete this compulsory course to be able to confirm the candidature.