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Undergraduate Programme

Young Scientist Scheme (YSS) for outstanding Students in 6901 and 6688 Programmes

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    What is YSS?

    As a strong, research-oriented faculty, the Faculty of Science is committed to providing our students with the best science education and incubating future scientists. Young Scientist Scheme (YSS) provides outstanding students with ample early research experiences in 6901 BSc and 6688 Science Master Class Programmes.


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    Special Feature
    HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme (Natural Sciences)

    Cambridge-track for Selected YSS Participants in Natural Sciences Disciplines

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    Pathway of YSS


    Year 1

    Guidance from Research Mentor; Summer Research Fellowship

    Year 2

    2nd Summer Research Fellowship or Overseas Research Fellowship

    Year 3

    International Exchange,

    Visiting or Summer Study

    Year 4

    Final Year Project; International Conference;  Frontiers of Science Honours Seminar


    World-Class Research Experiences


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    International Exchange, Visiting and Summer Study

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    Alumni/Student Sharing

    Young Scientist Scheme (YSS) participants are enriched with ample opportunities throughout their studies. Let's hear their unique experiences that YSS guarantees for them: 


    Simba ZOU

    Simba ZOU

    BSc alumnus (Major in Physics (Intensive))

    Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) participant in Laboratory for Space Research (LSR)

    As a student enthusiastic about pursuing academic research, I benefitted significantly from participating in the Summer Research Fellowship programme (SRF), via which I worked at LSR on a topic related to observational Astronomy – so called Planetary Nebula. The research experiences greatly enhanced my problem-solving skills and my theoretical knowledge. 

    Conducting actual research required the ability to integrate multi-disciplinary knowledge such as programming, and to tackle real-life science problems. The beauty of an early research experience was that it encouraged students to explore their interests and learn actively out of classrooms.

    All in all, SRF definitely strengthened my determination to pursue academic research in my later studies as well as reinvigorating my curiosity in Physics – the study from the fundamental building blocks of the universe, to the gigantic stars and galaxies.



    BSc alumna (Major in Food & Nutritional Science and minor in Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)

    Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) participant in School of Biological Sciences

    The SRF scheme was a delightful experience to me. Although there were some difficulties encountered, it helped me appreciate and get to know how research is conducted.

    I realised that research is not merely in the lab; a lot of reading has to be done outside the lab. Problems may appear unexpectedly during research – experimental procedures and results may always go the way as it was planned or hypothesised. It is therefore essential to learn to adapt to these problems and look for possible explanations, and to seek for improvement in future experiments.

    I was also glad to meet very kind and helpful people in the lab, to acquire technical and time-management skills, making the experience amazing. 

    By having spent more than two months in the lab, I found that I enjoy working in the lab, and that pursuing research in the future is something I would highly consider. The experience helped me to explore more possibilities of my future.

    Judy Shao

    Judy SHAO

    BSc alumna (Major in Biochemistry)

    Summer Research Fellowship (SRF) participant in School of Biological Sciences
    Visiting student at University of Oxford in 2018-19

    The visiting opportunity offered by YSS allowed me to contrast the academic styles at HKU and Oxford and explore what was more suitable for me. I am truly grateful for this eye-opening opportunity.

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    Christina ZHAO

    BSc alumna (Major in Physics)

    Visiting student at Yale University in 2018-19

    I feel very grateful for the opportunity to join this one-year visiting program. I have watched Yale open courses since high school and it is amazing that I will soon be able to sit in one of those classrooms.

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    Meichen XUE

    BSc alumna (Major in Mathematics) 

    Participant of “Berkeley Summer Sessions” at UC Berkeley in 2018 Summer

    I will take some Mathematics courses and also explore the rich cultural, social, and geographical resources of the San Francisco Bay Area during my summer study at Berkeley. I am now really thrilled about this outgoing opportunity.

    Max TIN

    BSc alumnus (Major in Ecology & Biodiversity and minor in Marine Biology)

    Exchange study at the Australian National University in 2018-19

    Many of the would-be university students set their eyes on the exchange programme offered by the university. YSS guarantees you that exchange opportunity!





    Best 5 HKDSE Category A subjects ≥ 35 scores automatically accepted to YSS, no interview is needed.


    Selected Non-JUPAS applicants will be invited to enroll in YSS.