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Academic Matters

Dean’s Honours List, Prizes & Scholarships

Students’ academic achievements are recognised by the award of Faculty Prizes and by inclusion on the Dean's Honours List.


Dean’s Honours List

As a further means to recognise BASc(AppliedAI), BSc, BSc&LLB, BSc&MRes, BSc(ActuarSc) and BEd&BSc students’ outstanding academic achievements, students who are within the top 10% of their class are considered by the Board of Examiners for the degree of BASc(AppliedAI), BSc, BSc&MRes and BSc(ActuarSc) for inclusion within the Dean’s Honours List in June every year. Students going out for exchange or on leave (1 semester or 1 year) would not be included in the Dean’s Honours List.


In order to be eligible for the consideration of the Dean’s Honours List, students should take and pass at least 48 credits of courses in both semester 1 and 2.


Faculty Prizes and Scholarships

Students are nominated by the relevant Chief Examiners and approved by the Board of Examiners in June every year for Faculty prizes and scholarships.


Please click HERE for the list of prizes and scholarships.


Please click HERE to visit the HKU Scholarships.