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6688 Science Master Class

Your Programme Experts

Skills alone would not make one succeed. It is the attitude, visions and efforts that set one’s direction. Learn from the wise and broaden your horizon.


We have renowned scientists including:
  • Members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, and Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences
  • International Members of National Academy of Sciences USA and Foreign Member of Academia Europaea
  • Awardees of International/National Awards/Prizes
  • A number of highly cited scientists



Grand Masters

Professor Chi Ming CHE

Professor Chi Ming CHE
Zhou Guangzhao Professor in Natural Sciences
Chair Professor of Department of Chemistry

As an Elected Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the first Hongkonger to receive a First-class Prize of the State Natural Science Award and recipient of numerous awards in international academic arena including International Member of the US National Academy of Sciences, Professor Che’s pioneering study on synthetic chemistry shapes the culture of local research community. Steering the direction of profound research like Laboratory for Synthetic Chemistry & Chemical Biology and State Key Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry, his wisdom can definitely inspire one’s heart.

Professor Che's personal webpage

Professor Hong

Professor Hongjie DAI
Chair Professor of Department of Chemistry

Professor Dai’s research spans chemistry, physics, and materials and biomedical sciences, leading to materials with properties useful in electronics, energy storage and biomedicine. Recent developments include near-infrared-II fluorescence imaging, ultra-sensitive diagnostic assays, a fast-charging aluminum battery, alkali metal/Cl2 batteries and inexpensive electrocatalysts that split water into oxygen and hydrogen fuels. Among many awards, Professor Dai has been recognised with the ACS Pure Chemistry Award, APS McGroddy Prize for New Materials, Julius Springer Prize for Applied Physics and Materials Research Society Mid-Career Award. He has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, National Academy of Sciences (NAS), National Academy of Medicine (NAM) and Foreign Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Professor Dai's personal webpage

Professor Ngai Ming MOK

Professor Ngaiming MOK
Edmund and Peggy Tse Professor of Mathematics 
Director of Institute of Mathematical Research 
Chair Professor of Department of Mathematics

As a top-notch mathematician who has resolved many classic math problems, Professor Mok has been the leading figure and the brain of HKU Institute of Mathematical Research for years. Among his recent professional accolades, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, State Natural Science Award, and Member of the Hong Kong Academy of Sciences, Future Science Prize, Tan Kah Kee Science Award and Chern Prize are some of the representative ones. He appreciates the aesthetics of mathematics, which young intellectuals will find his “mathematics-as-life” attitude enlightening.

Professor Mok's personal webpage

photo - Professor Alice WONG

Professor Alice Sze Tsai WONG
Associate Vice-President (Research)
Chair Professor of School of Biological Sciences

Professor Wong is a knowledgeable biologist who leads a team of scientists studying cell adhesion and signal transduction in cancer. She is a recipient of the RGC Senior Research Fellowship and also the Croucher Foundation Senior Research Fellowship. While her work provides important insights into the nature of ovarian carcinogenesis and informs the best practices of identifying new targets in cancer diagnosis and therapy, her experiences at laboratory are equally inspiring.

Professor Wong's personal webpage

photo - Professor Vivian YAM

Professor Vivian Wing Wah YAM
Philip Wong Wilson Wong Professor in Chemistry and Energy
Chair Professor of Department of Chemistry

Not only can we learn from Professor Yam of her innovative and frontier research, her resilience and values also inspire us on how to stay focused and insist on quality and excellence. Despite the many recognitions she has received, such as State Natural Science Award, Elected Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, International Member of the US National Academy of Sciences, Laureate of L’Oréal-UNESCO Awards For Women in Science, Bailar Medal, and Josef Michl American Chemical Society (ACS) Award in Photochemistry, etc., she remains committed in pursuing and passing on knowledge and does not let go of chances to inculcate values to the young ones. Professor Yam is also the President of The International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development (IOCD).

Professor Yam's personal webpage

photo - Professor Wang YAO

Professor Wang YAO
Chair Professor of Department of Physics

Professor Yao is a condensed matter physicist. He has been named by Clarivate Analytics in the list of “Highly Cited Researchers” among the world’s eminent researchers in 2018 - 2022. His current research interest lies in 2D materials, and has played a decisive role in creating an important new research direction – valley optoelectronics, which aims to exploit valley, a quantum degree of freedom of electron, in future optoelectronic devices. He is an Elected Fellow of American Physical Society, RGS Senior Research Fellow, and recipient of Tencent Xplorer Prize, Huang Kun Prize, Nishina Asia Award and Founding Member of Hong Kong Young Academy of Sciences. 

Professor Yao's personal webpage

Photo - Professor Shuang ZHANG

Professor Shuang ZHANG
Chair Professor of Department of Physics

Professor Zhang specialises in photonics, particularly in the area of metamaterials. His notable contributions include the first demonstration of geometric phase for harmonic generations, the pioneering of optical negative index materials, and the implementation of topological photonics using metamaterials. He has been recognised as a “Highly Cited Researcher” by Clarivate Analytics from 2018 to 2023 and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and Optica. Professor Zhang has received prestigious awards, including the New Cornerstone Investigator Program, Royal Society Research Merit Awards, and IUPAP Young Scientist in Optics.

Professor Zhang's personal webpage

Photo - Professor Guochun ZHAO

Professor Guochun ZHAO
Chair Professor of Department of Earth Sciences

Professor Zhao has a clear mind in the face of challenges on his research of metamorphic petrology, Precambrian geology and supercontinents. His perseverance makes him the holder of many prestigious honours – Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, National Natural Science Award (First-class, co-winner), State Natural Science Award (Second-class, co-winner), HKU Distinguished Research Achievement Award, and named by Clarivate Analytics as “Highly Cited Researcher” for 9 years in a row.

Professor Zhao's personal webpage

Science Masters

Professor Timothy Bonebrake

Professor Timothy C BONEBRAKE
Associate Dean of Science (Teaching and Learning)
Programme Director of 6688 Science Master Class
Professor of School of Biological Sciences

Professor Bonebrake's personal webpage


Professor Xiang LI
Deputy Programme Director of 6688 Science Master Class
Professor of Department of Chemistry

Professor Li's personal webpage

Professor David Xiang LI
Professor Xuechen LI

Professor Xuechen LI
Associate Dean of Science (Research and Graduate Studies)
Professor of Department of Chemistry

Professor Li's personal webpage


Professor Jin WU
Assistant Professor of School of Biological Sciences

Professor Wu's personal webpage

Dr Jin Wu
Professor Xiaoming YUAN

Professor Xiaoming YUAN
Head and Professor of Department of Mathematics

Professor Yuan's personal webpage


Professor Binzheng ZHANG
Associate Professor of Department of Earth Sciences

Professor Zhang's personal webpage

Dr Binzheng ZHANG