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6688 Science Master Class

What the Programme Covers

Fast-track for completing 2 degrees
Bachelor of Science + Master of Research
Remarks: Students in the programme have to maintain a high CGPA in order to remain in this double degree programme or else they have to switch to the 6901 BSc programme
Learning from Science Masters
Learning from the Grand Masters through the special tutorials and the Masters will be the academic advisers to enrich student total learning experience
Catering the needs of elite students
intensive studydisciplinary-based intensive study for research-aspired studentsResearch

ample opportunities available in our flagship Young Scientist Scheme (YSS) including

• Summer Research Fellowship
• Overseas Research Fellowship
• Exchange Study
• Entrance Scholarship
• be included in the Cambridge-track*

* •only available to Majors in Natural Sciences disciplines
   •candidiates will then follow the track if admitted to
    Cambridge successfully

Special courses Research postgraduate courses and research projects to enhance the students' frontier scientific knowledge and research skills