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6688 Science Master Class

What You will Learn

An example of study path

Here is an example of study path for the Science Master Class programme.   There are 7 Intensive Majors available for students to choose from for their undergraduate studies, namely Biological Sciences (Intensive), Chemistry (Intensive), Ecology & Biodiversity (Intensive), Geology (Intensive), Mathematics (Intensive), Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (Intensive) and Physics (Intensive), together with the university education and elective courses.  In addition to study of disciplinary-based Intensive Majors and special tutorials by Grand Masters exclusive for this programme, an array of opportunities in our flagship Young Science Scheme (YSS) including entrance scholarship, Cambridge-track, Summer Research Fellowship, Overseas Research Fellowship and International exchange studies are also available to the students. Note that the Cambridge-track is only available to Majors in Natural Sciences disciplines.  Courses such as research ethics, research postgraduate course and research project, will be offered to students to enhance their frontier scientific knowledge and research skills.  The study comprises two degrees, with 240 credits for the BSc degree and 63 credits for the MRes one, making up 303 credits in total. Students are usually expected to spend the summer semester in Year 4 or the first semester in Year 5 to complete the research project for MRes.


Programme InformationBScMRes
Study load
303 credits for 2 degrees
240 credits63 credits
Class scheduleFull-time
Academic advising
  • Students in the programme will be given individual advice to properly plan their study
  • Each student will be assigned an academic adviser at the start of the study to guide them through the whole study

Tuition fees#

#Subject to review

HKD 42,100 per year (local)
HKD 182,000 per year (non-local)

HKD 120,000*

*Scholarships will be provided to cover at least 50% of the tuition fee of the MRes programme

Programme DirectorsProfessor Timothy BONEBRAKE (Programme Director)
Professor David LI (Deputy Programme Director)