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Research Colloquium for Science Undergraduate Students

Posters by Participants


A1 A3

A1 Mr Chan Pak Hop

The Littlewood-Offord Problem and Invertibility of Random Matrices

Supervisor: Prof Jeff J Yao

A2 Mr Chang Liyan

Bayesian Word Embeddings

Supervisor: Dr Michael Minyi Zhang


A3 Mr Du Liheng

High dimensional two sample significance test with the same Wishart Matrix

Supervisor: Prof Jeff J Yao


A4 Mr Singhal Kush

The c-Cluster Complex and The c-Cambrian Fan

Supervisor: Prof Jianghua Lu


A5 Mr Wang Junshi

Semi-supervised Leanring Based on Nadaraya-Watson Estimator

Supervisor: Prof Stephen Lee


A6 Mr Zhang Jiahao

An integration of weak solution with adversarial networks helps solving high-dimensional partial differential equations

Supervisor: Dr Zhiwen Zhang


A7 Miss Zhang Maoqi

Applications of Deep Learning Framework to accelerate the solutions of Parabolic PDEs

Supervisor: Dr Guanglian Li






B1 Mr Siu Tsz Ho

Development of Chemiluminescent Probes for Detecting Reactive Oxygen Species

Supervisor: Prof Dan Yang


B2 Mr Song Menghan

Computation of quantum entanglement in quantum magnetism via Monte Carlo simulations

Supervisor: Dr Zi Yang Meng

B3 Mr Tan Tixuan

Anomalous Bloch Oscillation and Electrical Switching of Edge Magnetization in Bilayer Graphene Nanoribbon

Supervisor: Prof Wang Yao


B4 Mr Tse Ki Chun

Automatic recognition of weathered rock images by convolutional neural networks

Supervisor: Dr Louis Wong


B5 Miss Ying Yui Wang

Meteorological drivers of wildfire risk in Hong Kong under furture climate change

Supervisor: Dr Jed Oliver Kaplan


B6 Mr Wong Kwan Yuen

Anticancer Gold (III) Pincer Complexes Containing N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands

Supervisor: Prof Chi Ming Che


C1 Miss Chan Chin Tung

Adaptations of Desmos chinensis (Annonaceae) fruits for prompting spatial and temporal separation of seedlings

Supervisor: Prof Richard Saunders



C2 Miss Chan Ching Si

Within and trans-generational phenotypic plasticity of freshwater ectotherm Pomacea canaliculata in response to thermal stress

Supervisor: Dr Juan Diego Gaitán-Espitia



C3 Miss Cheung Po Ting

Investigating the role of immune checkpoint genes in vascular immune organoids

Supervisor: Dr Rio Sugimura



C4 Mr Chin Honston T

The Potential Effects of SCT/SCTR Deficiency in the Reward System under Multiple Behavior Paradigms

Supervisor: Prof Billy K C Chow


C5 Mr DJAN Matthew  

Investigating the Mis-splicing Phenomena of Genes on Exon-Exon Junctions and V5-TAG

Supervisor: Professor Dong-Yan Jin




C6 Miss Garg Anahita

Vitamin E: Where Are We Now in Vascular Diseases?

Supervisor: Dr Jetty C Y Lee; Dr Olivier Habimana


C7 Miss Karim Kazi Neha

Molecular cloning, tissue distribution and functional studies of Asprosin in fish model 

Supervisor: Prof Anderson O L Wong


C8 Miss Li Lok Ka

Relationship between AMPK-dependent BDNF pathway and KLF15 on fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle

Supervisor: Dr Chi Bun Chan


C9 Miss Liu Xinqi

The role of extracellular NAD+ on the immune microenvironment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma 

Supervisor: Prof Jiandong Huang; Dr Carmen C L Wong


C10 Mr Ouyang Xiangyu

Regulation of Spire1 by Phosphoinositides and PARP in DNA Damage Response

Supervisor: Prof Michael S Y Huen


C11 Miss Poon Yu Ching

Defining the development path of innate immune cells from human pluripotent stem cells

Supervisor: Dr Rio Sugimura; Dr Jiangwen Zhang


C12 Miss Shah Aashana Chetan

Quantifying the Metastatic Propensity of Cancer Cells that Undergo Peritoneal Metastasis as a process  

Supervisor: Prof Alice S T Wong


C13 Mr Tang Tze Tung

Characterisation of Mitochondrial Proteome Changes during SARS-CoV-2 ORF9b Expression by Rapid Immunopurification

Supervisor: Prof Dong-Yan Jin


C14 Mr Tsang King Wai

Deep learning-based behaviour analysis: Odour and colour as cues for foraging in Rosy-faced lovebirds (Agapornis roseicollis)

Supervisor: Dr Simon Sin

C15 Miss Wang Zihan

A Two-tier Process of Planar Cell Polarity Development Suggested by Ising-based Modeling

Supervisor: Prof Jiandong Huang


C16 Miss Xin Jiayi

Using artificial intelligence (AI) to turn a mobile smartphone into a steghoscope

Supervisor: Dr Joshua W. K. Ho


C17 Miss Xu Xinshu

Characterization of sPDZD2-GPR161 interaction in the negative regulation of Hedgehog signaling

Supervisor: Dr Kwok Ming Yao

C18 Miss Yip Ming Tsun

Elucidating the role of a mitochondrial protein - Mmd2 in neuron-glial fate choice determination in the dorsal root ganglia

Supervisor: Dr Martin Cheung


C19 Mr Mia Md Bayezid

GEN1 in processing recombination and replication intermediates 

Supervisor: Dr Gary Y W Chan