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24 Jun 2021

Hong Kong-based space expert Professor Quentin Parker Welcomed the new horizons for humanity in space

    Professor Quentin PARKER, Director of Laboratory for Space Research at HKU.

    Professor Quentin PARKER, Director of Laboratory for Space Research at HKU.



    Professor Park and Media


    2021 is a dreamy year for China. On the 17th June 2021, China's Shenzhou-12 spaceship launched and delivered the first crew to the Tianhe module, the first module of the Tiangong space station and China's first self-developed space station. Having plans to launch more missions, China targets to complete its space station by the end of 2022. 

    As a Hong Kong-based space expert, Professor Quentin PARKER, Director of Laboratory for Space Research at HKU,  is delighted to see increasing role of China in space mission. In his recent media interview, he said to SCMP: "China has clearly demonstrated that it has the technical capacity to launch very sophisticated missions, and it is getting more sophisticated and technically accomplished."  

    Professor Parker stressed that he welcomed the new horizons for humanity in space and appreciated China’s positive attitude and willingness to open up its own space station for international experiments and countries all around. "We care most about trying to move the frontiers of science forward through discoveries. And we believe that if you're collaborating, any kind of collaboration is good," he added. 

    Being impressed by the capacity of China, he also expressed his excitement about this "space competition". "I am excited. It's not every day that anybody puts up a new space station," said Professor Parker in another interview with CBS. "They really are serious, I believe, in wanting to emerge as a very senior science power for the benefit of all mankind, not just China."









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