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14+7 Science Majors

Major in Mathematics


About the Major

The Mathematics Major provides students with a solid and comprehensive undergraduate education in the subject. It aims to nurture quantitative reasoning, logical, analytical and critical thinking, innovative imagination, meticulous care to work, ability to conceptualise, skills for problem-solving, and capability to tackle novel situations and ill-defined problems.

Core courses in the curriculum emphasise fundamental knowledge and concepts in Mathematics. Elective courses provide training in both pure and applied aspects of Mathematics. Throughout the curriculum there is also emphasis on experiential learning through guided studies, projects, seminars and summer internships. With diverse variety of courses, various specialisations are available. These will lead to careers in a wide range of sectors including economics and finance, information technology, logistics, management, education, research and further studies.

Career Prospects

  • Mathematics Major graduates find employment in commerce (banking and finance), information technology industry, government and public organisations, service industry and education (secondary schools and universities) sectors;
  • Many of our graduates continue their postgraduate studies (Master and PhD) in overseas or local universities.

Student Sharing

liang shuang

LIANG Shuang 

2020 BSc graduate (major in Mathematics)
Participant of Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme in Department of Mathematics, 2019-2020 

Participant of Summer Research Fellowship Scheme in Department of Mathematics in summer, 2017-18
Shuang will be pursuing his PhD studies at Columbia University from Fall 2020


“Without realising where my interest lies, I worked on several disciplines in my first two years at HKU. Mesmerised by pure mathematics after taking a topology course, I finally decided to switch my major as mathematics to pursue a pure mathematician career before my junior year. Fortunately, I could continue to appreciate the beauty of various branches of mathematics, with the guidance of different members of the Department of Mathematics. They are always supportive and encouraging throughout research projects and courses. The programme will not only provide you with great opportunities to study and do research, but it will give you sufficient freedom to explore and locate your passion.”

Tang Xun


2020 BSc graduate (major in Mathematics (Intensive))
Participant of Undergraduate Research Fellowship Programme in University of California, Berkeley, 2019-2020 

Xun will be pursuing his PhD studies at Stanford University ICME from Fall 2020


"At the time of entering HKU, I had no intention of exploring the obscure language of pure mathematics, nor had I anticipated to pursue a PhD degree after graduation, for at that time my mathematics ability was quite mediocre among my peers. I owe such profound transformation and my deepest thanks to the nurturing environment of the Department of Mathematics, and to the professors in our department who had been helpful and patient to a curious, ambitious yet sometimes silly undergraduate student."



Wu Yao Chen

WU Yaochen 

2018 BSc Graduate (major in Mathematics and minor in Physics)
Participant of Summer Research Fellowship Scheme in Department of Mathematics, 2017
Yaochen is pursuing his PhD studies in Mathematics at Yale University from Fall 2018.

"For me, mathematics is a beautiful language which reveals subtle things in its own way. I was determined to pursue an academic career only after about two years of study. Since then, I have received much instruction and help from different members of the Department of Mathematics, in particular during the research projects or seminars. They are always patient and encouraging, yet they are still serious and sets challenging goals for me. If you appreciate the beauty of mathematics, you will certainly wish to join this programme where you can find plenty of opportunities and great instructors."