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14+6 Science Majors

Major in Chemistry


About the Major

Known as the central science, chemistry is integral to our understanding of the world around us. The Department of Chemistry has a strong team of world-class and renowned scientists who have strong commitment to providing quality teaching and are devoted to nurturing our new generation.

The Chemistry curriculum includes core courses covering topics in physical, inorganic, organic, and analytical chemistry. We also provide a wide range of elective courses on current and emerging chemical science and technology areas, such as chemical biology, chemical analysis, computational chemistry, environmental chemistry, interfacial science, materials, and medicinal chemistry.

In order to cater for students who follow the typical 96-credit curriculum and opt to broaden their education in other areas, as well as students who wish to specialise in chemistry, an intensive version of the Chemistry-Major programme (144 credits) which has been accredited by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) is offered alongside of the regular 96-credit Chemistry-Major programme. Students who have successfully completed the RSC accredited chemistry programme will be awarded a certificate by the Department of Chemistry, with authorisation by RSC, to recognise their achievements. All students in the final year of this accredited programme are qualified to apply for membership to RSC. A graduate with RSC membership will have an advantage, not only when applying for jobs, but also when they are seeking professional qualifications, such as Chartered Chemist (CChem) status.



Our graduates are proficient in the principles and experimental skills of chemistry, and are well-versed in the current development of chemical sciences. The transferable skills acquired through theoretical and experimental investigations in sciences can be easily applied to many aspects of life. They are ready to contribute to the industrial, commercial, government or education sectors globally and locally. Many of our past graduates have become leaders of these sectors.  




Career Prospects

  • Graduates have an excellent record in gaining local employment, such as professional chemists in government and commercial laboratories, teaching, technical marketing, and management of industrial plants and testing laboratories;
  • Some graduates choose to use their transferrable skills in rigorous analytical thinking and organisation to branch out into other areas such as the business and public sectors;
  • Many top graduates have also elected to pursue postgraduate studies in chemistry or other disciplines.


Student Sharing


LAM Yee Lee

2018 BSc graduate (major in Chemistry)
Yee Lee is now working as an Assistant Chemist in Chow Sang Sang Precious Metal Laboratory, Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co. Ltd.


“The BSc Chemistry Major at HKU has provided me with ample opportunities, ranging from group projects to self-directed research, to explore my potential. The Department of Chemistry was the place where I developed and also made my very first group of new friends in the university. Apart from academic growth, I gained much experience by taking up the role as External Vice-Chairman of HKU Chemistry Society to serve my fellow classmates and promote interest in studying chemistry. The skills I gained from all these experiences will be useful to me in my workplace. Graduation not only marks the end of my undergraduate studies, but also leads me to embark on a new page of my life. I am proud to be a chemistry graduate.”