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14+6 Science Majors

Major in Biological Sciences


About the Major

This Major is designed for students seeking a broad-based training in modern biology. Students are guided in an inquiry-driven learning environment to appreciate the major biological systems at different levels of biological organisation. Teaching emphasises both core concepts and applied aspects in biological sciences. At the advanced level, students are further exposed to three fundamental areas of biological sciences (genetics, molecular & cell biology; ecology, systematics and evolution; physiology and organismic biology) and will undertake experiential learning activities.

The diverse learning experience exposes students to problem-based learning, and an exciting array of laboratory and field techniques. Students will also be able to acquire valuable transferable skills in analysis, organisation and communication. The Biological Sciences Major applies modern scientific inquiry to prepare graduates for employment as professionals in a variety of careers or for postgraduate study.



Career Prospects

  • Broad scientific training well suited to those seeking a career as a school teacher;
  • Scientific skills acquired allow a flexible range of career choices in Civil Service and private sector scientific jobs. (e.g. Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Environmental Protection Department, Food and Environmental Hygiene Department) 


Student Sharing


TO Kit Yan Sally

2015 PhD graduate(Cell Biology)
2010 BSc graduate (major in Biology)


"I have finished my PhD degree in 2015 at the School of Biological Sciences in HKU, and my research topic is cancer cell signaling. The Biology Major did not only prepare me with the scientific mind needed for my work, but also provided me with the flexibility to develop my interest in languages as I also did a Translation Minor. Thanks to the support from the Faculty of Science, I was able to present my final year project at the U21 undergraduate conference held in Melbourne. It was a wonderful experience for me!”

Kenneth Lai

LAI Kin Yip Kenneth

2014 Master in Physiotherapy at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2011 BSc graduate (major in Biology)


"Student life in HKU Biology Major is fruitful and exciting. This gives you enormous opportunities to pursue your interest in various topics of scientific investigations. The freedom it gives in course selection will broaden your horizons and guide you to the field of study that you are most fascinated with. If you are fond of doing experiments in laboratory and would like to dedicate to the future of biological research in various fields, this Major will fit your career goal well.”