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6858 BSc&LLB

Where this Programme will lead you to

Transferable skillsWhere this programme will lead you to

  • Provides students with extensive subject knowledge and specialised training in law
  • Nurtures a scientifically literate population with legal knowledge to formulate solutions for challenges



  • Eligible to apply for the Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL) after completing the double degree programme
  • In a position to apply for other postgraduate programmes in law or science


Career paths

Graduate with BSc&LLB double degreecommerce and industry
  • Commerce and industry
  • Business compliance professionals in technology companies
community, social & personal services
  • Community, social & personal services
  • Environmentalists
Entrepreneurs in biotechnology industry
  • Entrepreneurs in biotechnology industry
  • Researchers in the fields of science or law
  • Educational institutions
  • Government or regulatory officials handling intellectual property/ technology-related matters
Further studies in science
  • Further studies in science
  • Professional qualifications in business management, accountancy, corporate administrations, etc.
Continue to pursue Postgraduate Certificate in Laws (PCLL)Laws
  • Solicitors, barristers or in-house counsel (specialising in intellectual property/ technology-related matters)