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6858 BSc&LLB

Endorsement from Professionals


"In my years of legal practice, I have often found lawyers of a broader knowledge base of particular strength in connecting with clients and understanding their needs and problems, and to advocate for them in a court of law or in front of an arbitration panel.  For that reason, I have often encouraged aspiring lawyers to first pursue a non-legal degree in a discipline they may have a passion or strong interest in.   In this age of technology, it is increasingly necessary for any outstanding lawyer wishing to serve the industry to be able to apply the law with the help of a certain level of technical knowledge. This double degree is launched in time to fill a long-felt gap in the legal services market."

- Ms Winnie TAM SC, Barrister-at-law; Chairman, Communications Authority



“Intellectual Property is both a spear and a shield, especially patent. Patent is an intangible asset which can be used to seize the market share and prevent others from getting into your business field. Patent management requires talents with both science and law backgrounds. This double degree programme equips students with some necessary skills to become patent practitioners.”


- Mr Ken NG, Intellectual Property Expert


Ms Jennifer Che, Vice President and Principal US Patent Attorney, Eagle IP


“Honestly there are so many careers where you need both science and law. There are areas like patent or regulatory law, which sit very tightly in the middle of both science and law. But beyond that, every company needs a lawyer and many companies work in areas of technology. Acquiring tangible knowledge on both sides equips graduates with crucial skills and understanding of how to do science as well as how a company works at the same time, facilitating them to provide solutions from both legal and scientific perspectives. I would say this opportunity is really unusual for students at the undergraduate level.”


- Ms Jennifer CHE, Vice President and Principal US Patent Attorney, Eagle IP

Mr Nigel LEE
“This double degree programme is beneficial by giving graduates a unique position in the patent market and is certainly the most efficient way to acquire qualifications once you have a clear idea about your plan. Pursuing two very different disciplines in the programme does not just help you save time; in the process, you also have the opportunity to choose and focus on proper subjects about science and law that have strong interaction with each other.”
- Mr Nigel LEE, Associate, UK Patent Attorney, D Young & Co