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Research Comes to Life: The Power of Translational Research

Research Comes to Life: The Power of Translational Research

Science is a tool for improving the well-being and quality of human life. Besides discovering new theories, nowadays, scientists are keen on taking societal needs into account by applying findings from basic research and translating these complex theories into practice. The Faculty of Science spares no effort in joining hands with corporate partners in bringing solutions against any societal problems. Beyond viral surveillance, diagnosis and treatment, the Faculty also engages in other application-driven projects. This issue showcases the efforts invested by the Faculty to fortify our leading global roles in both scientific and translational research initiatives.


Image of OLED material. Image of DNA
Research Division for Chemistry: 
Research Division for Mathematical & Statistical Science: 


Coastal Ground Water.  KSD179019 is a novel small molecule which can be developed into an antihypertensive drug to address the continually expanding hypertensive population
Research Division for Earth & Planetary Science:
Research Division for Molecular & Cell Biology: 


Squirrel monkeys. The appearance of the montior for detecting light polution.
Research Division for Ecology & Biodiversity:
Research Division for Physics & Astronomy: