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29 Feb 2024

PhD Student Won Best Talk Award at AsiaEvo Conference for Research on Germline Mutation Rates in Sticklebacks

    PhD student Chaowei Charlene ZHANG.

    PhD student Chaowei Charlene ZHANG.

    PhD student Chaowei Charlene ZHANG from the School of Biological Sciences was honored with the Best Talk award at the Third AsiaEvo Conference held in December 2023 at the National University of Singapore.

    She won the award by presenting her research paper titled 'Pedigree-based Germline Mutation Rate in Sticklebacks,' which shed light on the significance of accurately estimating mutation rates in genetics. Her findings served as a valuable resource for researchers studying fish population genetics, especially in the context of sticklebacks. This research has been published in Molecular Biology and Evolution in Issue 9, Volume 40.

    The AsiaEvo Conference aims to provide a platform for evolutionary researchers from Asian countries, enabling them to present their work and engage in meaningful discussions. Additionally, the conference seeks to foster international collaboration in the field of evolutionary biology, enhance the understanding and application of evolutionary thinking in Asia, and inspire talented students to pursue studies in evolutionary science.

    Charlene is currently supervised by Professor Juha MERILÄ in the Area of Ecology and Biodiversity.