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19 Jan 2024

Science Teachers Recognised with HKU Excellence Awards 2023

    Congratulations to our academics for receiving the University's innovator, research and teaching excellence awards in the HKU Excellence Award Scheme 2023.

    The list of award recipients is appended as follows: 

    HKU Innovator Award

    Professor Hongzhe SUN

    Professor Hongzhe SUN 

    Norman & Cecilia Yip Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry and Chair Professor of Chemistry


    Outstanding Researcher Awards

    Outstanding Researcher Award 
    Professor, Department of Chemistry
    Outstanding Young Researcher Award
    Prof Junzhi Liu
    Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry
    Research Output Prize
    Professor Aleksandra DJURIŠIĆ
    Professor, Department of Physics
    Details of the awarded journal paper: 'Monolithic perovskite/organic tandem solar cells with 23.6% efficiency enabled by reduced voltage losses and optimized interconnecting layer', Nature Energy 2022, 7(3), 229–237 by Chen, Wei, Zhu, Yudong, Xiu, Jingwei, Chen, Guocong, Liang, Haoming, Liu, Shunchang, Xue, Hansong, Birgersson, Erik, Ho, Jian Wei, Qin, Xinshun, Lin, Jingyang, Ma, Ruijie, Liu, Tao, He, Yanling, Ng, Alan M.C., Guo, Xugang, He, Zhubing, Yan, He, Djurišić, Aleksandra B.*, & Hou, Yi.

    Teaching Excellence Award  

    Early Career Teaching Award
    Prof Ying Wai Chan
    Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences
    Congratulations to all the recipients on their well-deserved achievements!

    The university-level HKU Innovator Award recognises outstanding Faculty members whose innovations demonstrate exceptionally high potential impact (legacy or projected legacy) with transformative results to foster development. 

    The Outstanding Researcher Awards scheme aims to recognise, honour and reward exceptional work in research by staff of the University. The scheme includes the Distinguished Research Achievement Award (DRAA), Outstanding Researcher Award (ORA), Outstanding Young Researcher Award (OYRA), Outstanding Research Student Supervisor Award (ORSSA), and Research Output Prize (ROP).

    The DRAA, ORA and OYRA are awards made to recognise individuals for their outstanding research accomplishments. The ORSSA is to recognise exemplary and effective supervisory guidance and support to their research postgraduate students. The ROP is a Faculty-based award to honour the best research output from each Faculty.  

    The Teaching Excellence Award Scheme aims to recognise, reward and promote excellence in teaching at the University. Under the Scheme, there are four categories of awards, viz. University Distinguished Teaching Award, Outstanding Teaching Award (OTA), Early Career Teaching Award (ECTA) and Teaching Innovation Award (TIA). Besides individual awards, both OTA and TIA comprise team awards to recognise and encourage collaborative effort and achievement in enhancing teaching and learning. Faculties should encourage their teachers with outstanding contributions to teaching and learning to apply for these awards.