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Invest in Science Development Fund for a Sustainable Future

You gift will help us advance excellence, knowledge and leadership via:

• Innovative Research

• Student Support & Enrichment

• Education & Outreach




Pioneering the Future: 
Innovative Research 

Pushing the Boundaries of Knowledge

Research is the backbone of scientific advancements. Today's contemporary challenges require solutions beyond a single perspective. Our multidisciplinary collaborative research fosters cross-fertilisation of ideas and provides creative solutions.

Support our researchers in breeding new insights and making groundbreaking discoveries in emerging fields. You can also designate your support to a discipline that means most to you. 

Supporting Our PhD Students 

The dedicated support of our research postgraduate students is crucial for the success of our projects, as they work tirelessly alongside our researchers, providing invaluable assistance. Your generosity will enable us to provide our PhD students with the support they need to excel in their studies, so that they will be able to continue conducting important research that couldpotentially change the world. 

Your generosity will support our students in the following ways:

Research expense

Research expenses

Travel allowances for international conferences

Travel allowances for
international conferences 

PG scholarships and awards

Postrgraduate scholarships
and awards

Living expenses and accommodation

Living expenses and accomoodation

PhD Students



Empowering Leaders of Tomorrow:
UG Student Support & Enrichment 

Supporting undergraduate students is a vital investment in the future of education and society as a whole. By donating to our cause, you can help us provide invaluable resources and opportunities that enrich the undergraduate experiences and to realise their potentials.

Your support will help us create a nurturing and inclusive environment for students with the following:

Academic and personal training

Academic and personal training

Diverse learning experiences

Diverse learning experiences 

Scholarships and financial aids

Scholarships and financial aids

Wellbeing resources and tools

Wellbeing resources and tools

Examples of students benefitting from HKU’s support to enrich their learning opportunities:

Student delegation driving climate action at COP27

Mark at COP27

I was proud to see youth's ideas were taken into consideration and would make a difference in the wider context of the Global Goal on Adaptation.

Mark Kong Wai CHEUNG
BSc student (Environmental Science)
Leader of student delegation to COP27

Science undergraduates shine again with Gold Medal in International iGEM Competition 2023


Collaborating with students across various faculties, a team of science students crafted a synthetic biology tool aimed at advancing the frontier of cancer immunotherapy. With the unwavering backing of the Faculty, they had the opportunity to showcase their work and go head-to-head with over 400 teams comprising diverse disciplines from more than 45 nations at the competition held in Paris.



Engaging the Community:
Education & Outreach

Fostering Appreciation and Preservation for Biodiversity Heritage

As the first museum in Hong Kong dedicated to biodiversity and the home to 50,000 specimens of plants, fungi and animals, the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (HKBM) has welcomed over 35,000 visitors and hundreds of school groups since its establishment in May 2021. Disseminating knowledge on ecosystems, species biology and their conservation, the museum offers a unique view of the natural heritage while promoting environmental education and fostering biodiversity appreciation.

Your donation will play a vital role in bolstering our staffing to increase our visitor capacity for more educational activities. 


About HKBM:       qr-HKBM


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