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Strategic Moves, Quick Facts and Achievements


Award for Teaching Excellence 2022-23

Dr Rocky Law

In the AI era, some educators act as facilitators, creating environments for students to apply knowledge and bring their ideas to life quickly.

Portrait of Dr Rocky Law

Dr Rocky Law, Senior Professional Practitioner, Faculty of Science

As an entrepreneurship educator, Dr Rocky LAW plays a vital role as a facilitator in empowering students. Realising knowledge acquisition alone is not sufficient, Dr Law understands the importance of providing students with an environment and opportunities to apply their knowledge and create something new. Therefore, alongside traditional classroom teaching, Dr Law devotes considerable time to creating a dynamic learning environment that encourages collaboration with peers and external professionals.

Dr Law firmly believes in the power of collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking in entrepreneurship education. His pedagogy emphasises uniting students from diverse backgrounds to foster innovative ideas and mutual learning. His teaching approach focuses on experiential learning, with students actively participating in creating and running start-up companies. This immersive method extends beyond the classroom, encouraging students to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges. Dr Law also engages external advisors and collaborators, providing valuable insights, mentorship, and resources to support students’ entrepreneurial journey. By fostering an empowering learning environment that promotes creativity, innovation, and collaboration, his pedagogy bridges the gap between academia and the commercial world.

Dr Law's expertise and dedication have yielded remarkable results. Years ago, while serving as the Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at HKUST, Dr Law assisted a young undergraduate student named Frank Wang in establishing his company, DJI. Today, DJI has grown into a hundreds of billions dollars enterprise and has become a role model for technological development in China. Dr Law aspires to see companies established at HKU surpass DJI in both financial and social impact in the near future.