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Strategic Moves, Quick Facts and Achievements


Award for Teaching Excellence 2021-22

‘The knowledge one has acquired is not reflected by how much one can do in the end-of-semester examination, but by how much one can still do many years later.’


Dr Ka Ho LAW Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

Dr Ka Ho LAW
Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

Dr Ka Ho LAW graduated from HKU and has worked as a Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics since 2012. His main duties are to teach undergraduate courses at various levels as well as to supervise students in guided study and project courses.

Dr Law believes that the teaching and learning of mathematics should not focus on memorising definitions and formulas nor over-drilling on standard types of questions. Instead, students should be guided to understand and appreciate the materials, from which they would acquire not only mathematical knowledge but also deeper understanding and problem-solving skills, something they could apply lifelong.

Dr Law believes that the format of assessment greatly affects the way students learn. To realise his teaching philosophy, he has carefully designed the assessments in his courses to drive students to learn in the right direction. Since the start of his teaching career, he has allowed students to bring their own notes to examinations, and questions were designed to encourage students to think rather than to memorise.

Furthermore, Dr Law has received several Teaching Development Grants, with the support of which he developed new teaching practices such as flipped classrooms to make the best use of class time for more interactive activities. In the process, he also produced lecture videos with animations to illustrate abstract mathematical concepts, which were highly commended by students. His proficiency was also recognised by his achievement of the status of Senior Fellow of Advance HE in 2021.


Dr Ka Ho Law received the Award for Teaching Excellence 2021-22.