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Reminisce the Year of Oak Anniversary

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2019 marks the 80th birthday of HKU Science. The Faculty has walked through many ups and downs in the past 8 decades. These turn to be sustenance for our roots and trunk to grow deeper and stronger. With our branches reaching out far and new leaves germinating, we are growing fast into a lush green forest, aiming high with ambitious developments in the years ahead. This year we have achieved a lot and our smiley faces over the accomplishments are just like blossoming oak flowers. Let’s reminisce the precious moments of HKU Science family together.
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Anniversary theme song – When Acorn Becomes A Mighty Oak

Music is the universal language that connects everyone. Our talented teacher, Dr Timothy Bonebrake from School of Biological Sciences, composed this anniversary theme song for our Gala Dinner, allowing us to recall the anniversary with a chilling melody. It is a shame we could not debut it as the Dinner was cancelled due to the fluid situation of HK recently. Nevertheless, we still want to take this opportunity to present this fabulous song to you. Let music fill the air!


HKU Science distinguished alumni logo

HKU Science Distinguished Alumni Award 2019

Distinguished Alumni Award is launched to recognise the outstanding achievements of our alumni in light of Oak Anniversary. The awardees have devoted their time, effort and expertise for the betterment of the society. We hope that by presenting the awards, there would be succession of HKU Science spirit among generations of alumni.

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Recalling the happy moments


HKU Science family celebrated together and re-connected again in this Oak Anniversary. Smiley faces and laughter composed the joyful and warm memories of all.

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Those were the days

Members of HKU Science walk different paths in life and they excel in many industries around the globe. Their journeys are unique yet they share the same starting point – HKU Science, where they grew, learnt and made lifelong friends.

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Commemorative Volume

Our anniversary publication – 80 Glorious Years of Home to Science is organised in a way to showcase our past achievements, summarise current activities as well as present options for the desired future of the Faculty. Its coffee-read style makes your reading enjoyable and fruitful.


80 science stories

80 Science stories

We only live once with our own unique lives; yet we can always be inspired by reading others’ stories. 80 Science stories are the collection of stories from HKU Science alumni, students and teachers. We wish these stories could arouse resonance among HKU Science members and Science family could reconnect and exchange.


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Make a gift and receive in bundle

With a donation of HKD1,888 (original donation amount HKD3,500), donors will receive a bundle of HKU Science Oak Anniversary premium sunglasses and tumbler, which are perfect souvenirs for commemorating the Oak Anniversary. Make a gift now!


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Our sincere thanks to all the members of Steering Committee and Organising Committee,as well as all the supporters, it is a combined effort of all to make this anniversary joyful and memorable. Deepest gratitude to our donors for their unfailing support to the Faculty, helping us to realise our visions and blueprint.