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Funding initiatives


Special facilities at New Science Building and expansion of SWIMS

Creating new space in campus is no doubt a top issue on our priority list. We hope, with the improved research environment, we can enhance our research outputs and facilities interdisciplinary research work across science departments.


Special facilities at New Science Building

Facilities in our new science building that need support include:

  • Central research facilities
  • Learning Commons for postgraduate students
  • Alumni corner


New laboratories at Swire Institute of Marine Science (SWIMS)

  • SWIMS, our regional marine research centre at Cape d’Aguilar, needs philanthropy to fund the facilities of its expansion
  • Provides an interdisciplinary research environment for internationally acclaimed research



Innovative research

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QS World University Rankings by subject 2019


Biological Sciences




Earth & marine Sciences


Environmental Sciences


Materials Science




Physics & Astronomy


Statistics & Operational Research


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THE World University Rankings by subject 2019


Life Sciences


Physical Sciences


  • The Faculty has some top-notch researchers at the forefront of science. We are recognized internationally in a variety of ways
  • Being a leading institution in science in Southeast Asia, we would like to further enhance our research leadership and become a forerunner in research in the world

Research leadership:​​​​​​

Top-ranked Scientists (Clarivate Analytics’ Essential Science Indicators 2018)

  • 16% of professoriate staff are the world’s Top 1% scholars
  • 5 Areas of Excellence (AoE) projects granted by UGC
  • 1 State Key Laboratory



students learning

Student enrichment and scholarship

Student enrichment

  • By 2022 all our students will have the opportunity to choose from a rich range of learning experience abroad and in mainland
  • Through these hands-on learning experiences, students will be able to address real-world problems, formulate solutions and make a good contribution to a rapidly changing world


Investment in young talents that allows them to fulfill their exceptional promise and goals