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Distinguished Alumni 2019

Professor Yum-Tong SIU

Professor Yam-Tong SIU

Professor Yum-Tong SIU

1963 BA graduate in Mathematics

“Like a mirror opens the half-acre square pond;
reflected sunlight, cloud shadows play, stay, and bond.
O, tell me how can the water be clear like so?
From the source a divine, live fountainhead does flow!”
(Zhu Xi, 1130-1200)

南宋 朱熹《讀書有感》:



  • William Elwood Byerly Professor of Mathematics of Harvard University
  • Member of National Academy of Sciences, USA
  • Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences, USA
  • Foreign Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Corresponding Member of Goettingen Academy of Sciences
  • Member of Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Member of Hong Kong Academy of Sciences 



After obtaining his BA degree in Mathematics with 1st class honours at HKU, Professor Yum-Tong SIU received an MA degree from University of Minnesota in 1964 and a PhD from Princeton University in 1966.  

Professor SIU rose from the ranks of assistant professor at Purdue University (1966 – 67) and Notre Dame University (1967 – 70) to tenured faculty at Yale (1970 – 1978), Stanford (1978 – 1982), and Harvard (since 1982); he was also the Department Chair at Harvard University from 1996 to 1999.

Professor SIU is a dominant figure in the field of several complex variables in mathematics. In 1993 he received the Stefan Bergman Prize for his contributions to this field. His research interests involve the interface of complex variables, differential geometry and algebraic geometry. In addition to receiving honorary doctorates from HKU, University of Bochum in Germany, and University of Macau, Professor SIU also has the honor of delivering three invited addresses at the quadrennial International Congress of Mathematicians, two of which were plenary addresses.