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Distinguished Alumni 2019

Professor Kwan-Ming CHAN

Professor Kwan-Ming CHAN

Professor Kwan-Ming CHAN 

1959 BSc graduate

“HKU Science, your boundless encouragement and guidance, surpasses the highest mountain;    
Hong Kong our hometown, our affection to you runs deeper than the ocean.”
(港大理科, 獎勵輔導, 恩重崇山
香港我家, 家園鄉土, 親若深海)



  • Professor Emeritus of California State University, Long Beach, USA
  • Director of Hong Kong University Alumni Association, Southern California
  • Member of The University of Hong Kong Foundation
  • President of KMC Enterprises Inc., California, USA
  • President of Guang Dong Xin Hui Association, USA
  • Chief Executive of Chinese American Professor and Professional Association
  • President of USA  Chapter, HKU Science Alumni Association
  • Director of Sichuan Province, PRC, Overseas Exchanges Association



Professor Kwan-Ming CHAN graduated in the 20th anniversary of HKU Science, after that he began his profession as a Research Officer in the Hong Kong Fisheries Department, where he studied the oceanic environment of popular fishing grounds to help local fishermen. During his appointment he also participated in a research project surveying the Indian Ocean at the invitation of UNESCO.

Professor CHAN later pursued doctorate research at University of Liverpool in England, with a focus on developing better analytical methods for heavy trace metals in the environment and auto-analysis of nutrients in seawater. In 1960s, he moved to United States because of the recruitment of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; yet even Professor CHAN is away from Hong Kong, his bonding with his hometown never ceases.  He devotes wholeheartedly to connect overseas HKU alumni, forming extensive and strong alumni networks.

As a professor, Professor CHAN enjoys his interaction with his students and HKU student mentees, and collaboration with scientists around the globe.


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