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理問理答 Q&A in Science

理問理答 Q&A in Science

Science mascot Currio hosts this Science Programme ‘Q & A in Science’ and presents you with some cutting-edge scientific research conducted by our researchers, as well as telling you how these research could be integrated into daily life.

Episode 3

Episode 2

What is Astronomy? Here’s what Astrophysicist says!

Currio has embarked on a journey of "finding himself" since he figured that he is a descendant of dinosaurs. Recently, he found that his zodiac sign is Aries but not very sure if he is really the sign he thinks he is. Therefore, he invited Dr David YU, an astrophysicist from HKU Science to explain to him about basic knowledge of Astronomy, and how does it relate to constellation sign. Let’s see how his relentless curiosity propelled him on a self-awareness journey!

Songbirds like it sweet!

In this episode, Currio was super excited because we had invited Dr Simon SIN from School of Biological Sciences to talk about his research on the sense of taste in birds, particularly their ability to taste sweetness.

Unexpectedly, it unlocked the secret of the origin of Currio's family! Poor Currio was speechless with shock for a while. Let's watch this video and see how it went! 

Click here and learn more about the research. 

Episode 1


Let’s get slim!

Dr Ben CHAN of School of Biological Sciences had joined Currio in the inaugural episode.

Scientists always speak their mind. Dr Chan was just being too honest and mentioned that the curvy shape of Currio reminded him of a research about obesity, which made Currio furious on the spot! Come check out if our first episode can make it to the end…

Click here and learn more about the research.