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Teaching Staff

Dr. YU, David Hoi Fung

Dr. YU, David Hoi Fung

Faculty of Science, HKU

  • 3917 8575
  • Room 226, Hui Oi Chow Science Building

Teaching interests: 

  • General science
  • Physics and Astronomy
  • Astrophysics


Research areas:

  • Gamma-ray bursts
  • Pulsars and compact objects
  • Bayesian astrostatistics


Selected publications:

  • Yu H.-F., Dereli-Bégué H., & Ryde F. 2019, "Bayesian Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of GRB Pulses", ApJ 886, 14 pp.

  • Ryde F., Yu H.-F., Dereli-Bégué H., et al. 2019, “On the α-intensity Correlation in GRBs: Subphotospheric Heating with Varying Entropy”, MNRAS 484, pp. 1912-1925

  • Lin E.-T., Yu H.-F., & Kong A.K.H. 2019, "Bayesian Analysis on the X-Ray Spectra of the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817", JHEA 21, pp. 1-5

  • Burgess J. M., Yu H.-F., Greiner J., & Mortlock D. J. 2018, "Awakening the BALROG: BAyesian Location Reconstruction Of GRBs", MNRAS 476, pp. 1427-1444

  • Yu H.-F., Hui C. Y., Kong A. K. H., & Takata J. 2018, "Bayesian Inference on the Radio-quietness of Gamma-ray Pulsars", ApJ 857, 120, 8 pp.

  • Greiner J., Burgess J. M., Savchenko V., & Yu H.-F. 2016, "On the Fermi GBM Event 0.4 sec after GW 150914", ApJL 827, L38, 9 pp.

  • Yu H.-F., Preece R. D., Greiner J., et al. 2016, "The Fermi GBM Gamma-Ray Burst Time-resolved Spectral Catalog: Brightest Bursts in the First Four Years", A&A 588, A135, 19 pp.

  • Yu H.-F., van Eerten H. J., Greiner J., et al. 2015, "The Sharpness of Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission Spectra", A&A 583, A129, 16 pp.

  • Burgess J. M., Ryde F., & Yu H.-F. 2015, "Taking the Band Function Too Far: A Tale of Two α’s", MNRAS 451, pp. 1511-1521

  • Yu H.-F., Greiner J., van Eerten H., et al. 2015, "Synchrotron Cooling in Energetic Gamma-Ray Bursts Observed by the Fermi GBM", A&A 573, A81, 20 pp.