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The Expansion of The Swire Institute of Marine Science

Restoring Hong Kong's Whale Campaign

A funding initiative:

Restoring Hong Kong’s Whale
Revitalise the symbol for marine conservation and support educational activities

Donate now & Name the baby whale

For every dollar you donate, The Swire Group Charitable Trust will match the funds up to a ceiling value of HK$60,000 


Campaign period: Till December 2021

Restoring Hong Kong's Whale

What is it about?
In the summer of 1955, a baby Fin whale was discovered in Hong Kong waters. The 9m-long skeleton of this majestic creature was preserved by experts from The University of Hong Kong and displayed on campus before being relocated to its current home, on the shores of Cape d’Aguilar, at the Swire Institute of Marine Science, with the aim of sharing this inspiring symbol for marine conservation with all of Hong Kong’s people.


This beloved Hong Kong Whale and its journey back to the sea represents the cooperation needed from all of the community to promote local marine conservation efforts, just as the reconstruction of the baby whale skeleton involved gathering expert minds from across various fields of science. 


Unfortunately, as super typhoon Mangkhut ravaged Hong Kong in 2018, the whale’s bones were severely damaged and its condition has since deteriorated. 


This ‘Restoring Hong Kong's Whale’ campaign focuses on raising funds to restore this icon of Hong Kong back to its original glory, to contribute towards marine conservation in Hong Kong and to support our outreach and educational activities at SWIMS. Donors can get a chance to vote for their favourite name for the baby whale, which will be remembered generations from now. 


Support this purposeful campaign and help the Hong Kong's Whale continue its historic journey as a unique part of the tale of our local marine heritage!
1955年「登陸」香港水域而名聲大噪的長鬚鯨(又稱「港鯨」),其完整骨架自太古海洋科學研究所於1990 年成立以來便屹立於其旁側的海岸,多年來為鶴咀海岸保護區的地標,惜其於2018 年敵不過超強颱風「山竹」吹襲而嚴重損毀。隨著研究所的擴建,這條著名的「香港鯨」將會進行20 年來首次的復修,繼續擔起研究所保育海洋的象徵意義。研究所打算將其原型骨駱納入為海洋生物多樣性博物館的館蔵,並發起「港鯨重生計劃」,以三維打印技術打造新的骨架,重新豎立於原址。除了重塑港鯨以外,所籌得的款項亦會作研究所保育教育活動之用。為答謝大家的支持,捐助者將有機會參與「港鯨」的命名。




History of the Baby WhaleStorm DamageThe Whale's Rebirth


Restoration Campaign and Matching from Swire Trust  
You too can play a part in helping to conserve Hong Kong’s rich marine environment. Make a gift now to help recreate Hong Kong’s Whale at the shores of Cape d’Aguilar and play your part for marine conservation research and education in Hong Kong.
For every dollar you donate, to encourage more donation from friends of SWIMS and the community, our long-term supporter The Swire Group Charitable Trust (Swire Trust) will match the funds up to a ceiling value of HK$60,000. 

We would like to express our gratitude to the Swire Trust for their generous support to both the expansion of SWIMS and the ‘Restoring Hong Kong’s Whale’ Campaign.


To express the sincere gratitude of HKU and SWIMS, a small-scale 3D printed replica of the whale will be given to donors with contributions of HK$8,000 or above.








3D printed replica of the whale


Every contributor can also participate in naming the whale, choosing from one of the following options:
比比 (Bei Bei)
The remains of the baby fin whale rest on the shore at Cape d’Aguilar, overlooking the small island of Kau Pei Chau. The name Bei Bei represents a lively, phonetic homage to its local home, given the similar pronunciation of 'Bei' and 'Pei'.
維仔 (Wai Jai)
Named after Victoria Harbour, where the baby whale was first discovered, Wai Jai represents a playful namesake of its local entry into Hong Kong.
洋洋 (Yeung Yeung)
Baby fin whales stay very close with their mothers for several years and are playful in the ocean. Yeung Yeung is a name that memorialises that playful nature in the Ocean.
Suggest a Name
We also invite your ideas for naming the whale. If we like your idea of a name for the whale we will add it to our list of names that generous donors like you can vote for.


Help recreate the Hong Kong's Whale, protect the legacy of our local marine heritage!  


Donate now & Name the baby whale



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