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YSS Connect

YSS Connect – Meet with Professor John L Harwood (Feb 28, 2018) and Professor Daniel Pauly (Mar 20, 2018)



Professor John L Harwood from Cardiff University and Professor Daniel Pauly, University Killam Professor at the University of British Columbia, were cordially invited to deliver a public lecture on February 28, 2018 and March 20, 2018 respectively.  A valuable opportunity was offered to YSS students to meet with Professor Harwood and Professor Pauly before the lectures.  The participating YSS students were greatly inspired by Professor Harwood and Professor Pauly’s sharing in these exclusive meetings, and looked forward to meeting other renowned scientists in the near future.

Meet with Professor John L Harwood

Professor John L Harwood (2nd right)

Meet with Professor Daniel Pauly

Professor Daniel Pauly (middle)