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HKU-Cambridge Undergraduate Recruitment Scheme (Natural Sciences)

The Track

A joint recruitment scheme that allows selected participants in YSS of the 6901 BSc programme to pursue studies in two renowned universities
Allows students to study abroad and experience life and culture overseas
Nurtures future science professionals to develop innovative solutions for global challenges

Provides participants with the ample learning opportunities in YSS:

• Summer Research Fellowship
Overseas Research Fellowship
International scientific conference
Guidance by research mentor


Cambridge ranks high across the globe:

#3 (THE World University Rankings, 2020)

#4 (THE World Reputational Rankings, 2019)

#7 (QS, 2021)

#3 (ARWU, 2020)

Science in Cambridge is also pioneering in the world:

#1 (Life Sciences, THE, 2020)

#3 (Physical Sciences, THE, 2020)

#3 (Life Sciences and Medicine, QS, 2020)

#4 (Natural Sciences, QS, 2020)

#3 (Chemistry, QS, 2020)

#4 (Physics and Astronomy, QS, 2020)

(Earth and Marine Sciences, QS, 2020)