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Teaching Staff

Professor ZHANG, Jian

Professor ZHANG, Jian

Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

  • 39177840
  • Room 330, Hui Oi Chow Science building, The University of Hong Kong

Research Interest

  • Structural Geology
  • Tectonics and Precambrian Geology



  • Yu C., Yang T., Zhang J.*, Zhao G., Cawood P.A., Yin, C.Q., 2022, Coexisting diverse P–T–t paths during Neoarchean Sagduction: Insights from numerical modeling and applications to the eastern North China Craton. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 586, 117529
  • Gao P., Yakymchuk C., Zhang J., Yin C., Qian J., Li Y., 2022. Preferential dissolution of uranium-rich zircon can bias the hafnium isotope compositions of granites. Geology 50 (3), 336-340.
  • Zhao C., Zhang J.*, Zhao G., Yin C., Chen G., Liu J., Liu X., Chen W., 2021. Kinematics and Structural evolution of the Anziling Dome-and-Keel architecture in east China: Evidence of Neoarchean vertical tectonism in the North China Craton. Geological Society of America Bulletin, DOI:10.1130/B36225.1.
  • He L., Zhang, J.*, Zhao G., Yin C., Qian J., Liu J., Liu X., Zhao C., 2021. Macro-and microstructural analysis of the Zhujiafang ductile shear zone, Hengshan: Tectonic nature and geodynamic implications of the evolution of TransNorth China orogen. Geological Society of America Bulletin 133 (5-6), 1237-125.
  • Zhang, J.*, Sun, M., Schulman, K., Zhao, G.C., Wu, Q.H., Jiang, Y.D., Guy, A., 2015. Distinct deformational history of two contrasting tectonic domains in the Chinese Altai: Their significance in understanding accretionary orogenic process. Journal of Structural Geology 73, 64-82.