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Teaching Staff

Professor ZHAI, Yuanliang

Professor ZHAI, Yuanliang

Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

BSc (Sun Yat-Sen University); MPhil (Sun Yat-Sen University); PhD (HKUST)

  • 3917 3847
  • 2858 3477
  • KBSB 4N10

Teaching Areas

  • Structural biology
  • Molecular and cell biology
  • Physiology

Research Interests

  • DNA replication and human diseases
  • Chromatin dynamics
  • Epigenetic inheritance
  • Cryo-electron microscopy in structure determination

Current Research

  • Structural and functional characterization of DNA replication complexes
  • Elucidating the mechanisms regulating replication initiation in eukaryotes
  • Understanding the basis of replicative helicase loading and activation

Publications and News

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  • Cheng, J., Li, N., Huo, Y., Dang, S., Tye, B., Gao, N., and Zhai, Y. (2022) Structural Insight into the MCM double hexamer activation by Dbf4-Cdc7 kinase Nature Communications 13:1396
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