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Undergraduate Programme

6224 Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Applied Artificial Intelligence

BASc(AppliedAI) - Impacts the world with the limitless power of AI

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The Programme   Programme website


  • Highlights AI applications in diverse areas so that students can develop the intellectual capacity essential to meeting new challenges
  • Gives students both fundamental and practical knowledge in the design and construction of intelligent systems so that they can apply their skills in a variety of career settings
  • Supported by a wide range of courses in computer science, geography, mathematics, psychology, statistics, and urban studies which emphasise problem-based learning
  • Nurtures students to transfer interdisciplinary scientific knowledge into a range of integrated applications and technological innovations
    AI application

    Unique Features

    • New option for elite students: Provides formal academic training to elite students who wish to join the AI profession
    • Featured concentrations: AI technology, AI in business and finance, AI in medicine, AI in smart city, and AI in neurocognitive science
    • Career prospects: Connects the exploding demand of the AI market in diverse areas: science and technology, environmental protection, medical informatics, health care, business, banking, finance, urban development, neurocognitive science, etc.
    • Interdisciplinary training: Facilitates a coordinated approach to teaching and learning across different disciplinary fields in collaboration with the Faculties of Engineering, Social Sciences and Architecture



    BASc(AppliedAI) Curriculum Structure* (240 Credits)

    Spanning over 4 years of full-time study
    *May subject to change




    Common Core

    (36 credits)


    (18 credits)


    Core Courses 

    Concentration & Electives
    Capstone Course

    (96 credits)

    2nd MAJOR / 
    MINOR(S) /

    (90 credits)




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