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Teaching Staff

Professor YANG, Yi

Professor YANG, Yi

Assistant Professor, HKU-100 Scholar, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, HKU

B.Sc. Peking; M.Sc. Peking; Ph.D. MIT

  • 3910 2165
  • 2559 9152
  • Room 311E, CYM Physics Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Current Research

  • Optical Physics and Nanophotonics


Research Interest

  • Topological Photonics

  • Plasmonics

  • Photonic Crystals

  • Free Electron Optics


    Representative Publications

    Full publication:

    • "Non-Abelian physics in light and sound", Y. Yang, B. Yang, G. Ma, J. Li, S. Zhang, C.T. Chan, Science 383, eadf9621 (2024)
    • "Synthetic non-Abelian gauge fields for non-Hermitian systems", Z. Pang, B.T.T. Wong, J. Hu, Y. Yang, Physical Review Letters 132, 043804 (2024)
    • "Photonic flatband resonances for free-electron radiation", Y. Yang*, C. Roques-Carmes*, S.E. Kooi, H. Tang, J. Beroz, E. Mazur, I. Kaminer, J.D. Joannopoulos, and M. Soljačić, Nature 613, 42 (2023)
    • "A General Theoretical and Experimental Framework for Nanoscale Electromagnetism", Y. Yang*, D. Zhu*, W. Yan, A. Agarwal, M. Zheng, J. D. Joannopoulos, P. Lalanne, T. Christensen, K. K. Berggren, M. Soljačić, Nature 576, 248 (2019)
    • "Synthesis and Observation of Non-Abelian Gauge Fields in Real Space", Y. Yang, C. Peng, D. Zhu, H. Buljan, J. D. Joannopoulos, B. Zhen, M. Soljačić, Science 365, 1021 (2019)
    • "Maximal Spontaneous Photon Emission and Energy Loss from Free Electrons", Y. Yang, A. Massuda, C. Roques-Carmes, S. E. Kooi, T. Christensen, S. J Johnson, J. D. Joannopoulos, O. D. Miller, I. Kaminer, M. Soljačić, Nature Physics 14, 894 (2018)
    • "Low-loss Plasmonic Dielectric Nanoresonators", Y. Yang, O.D. Miller, T. Christensen, J. D. Joannopoulos, M. Soljačić, Nano Letters 17, 3238 (2017)
    • "All-angle negative refraction of highly squeezed plasmon and phonon polaritons in graphene–boron nitride heterostructures", Xiao Lin∗, Yi Yang∗, Nicholas Rivera, Josué J López, Yichen Shen, Ido Kaminer, Hongsheng Chen, Baile Zhang, John D Joannopoulos, Marin Soljačić, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 201701830 (2017)


    Awards and Honours

    • 2023 Asian Young Scientist Fellowship
    • 2022 Innovators Under 35 China
    • 2022 National Natural Science Foundation of China Excellent Young Scientists (Hong Kong and Macau)
    • 2019 Rising Stars of Light, Light: Science and Applications & Springer Nature
    • 2013 National Scholarship, Ministry of Education of China
    • 2012 Yangtze Scholarship Peking University