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Teaching Staff

Dr. RUSSELL, Bayden

Dr. RUSSELL, Bayden

Associate Director of SWIMS and Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, HKU

BSc(Honours First Class) (Australia); Ph.D. (Australia)

  • 2299 0680
  • 2559 9114
  • KBSB 2S-05

Teaching Areas

  • Tropical and Temperate Marine Ecology
  • Ecosystem Function and Services
  • Marine Biology

Research Interests

  • Human impacts in marine ecosystems
  • Habitat restoration and conservation
  • Physiology of marine invertebrates
  • Thermal physiology and range shifts
  • Coral reef ecology
  • Intergenerational responses to climate change





Current Research

  • Effects of climate change on subtidal invertebrates
  • Thermal adaptation of sea urchins
  • Multi-generational adaptation to ocean warming and acidification
  • Oyster reef restoration in China
  • Sustainable development of aquaculture
  • Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture





Research Team

Post-Doctoral Fellow: Dr. Ashley Hemraj

Ph.D. candidates: Mr Jake Dytnerski, Miss Jay Minuti, Mr Rhyn Cheung, Mr Kevin Geoghegan, Miss Cheryl Chu

Research Assistants: Mr Steven Wong, Mr Rinaldi Gotama


  • Advanced Visiting Researcher Fellowship to the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science, Xiamen University, China (2014-15)

Publications and News

Awards and Honours

  • Exceptional Young Researcher in Marine Science award, Australian Academy of Sciences (2012)